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Coinbase seems to be throwing itself headlong into the development and promotion of crypto. The famous company is said to have even prepared a documentary on the industry.

Coinbase brings crypto to the mainstream

Coinbase doesn’t seem to balk at any idea to get crypto recognised. Despite its previous legal setbacks, the industry giant is counting on the arrival of new companies on the market. The latter even opened his own web3 development platform. This time, the company returns to the front of the stage with a much more visual project.

The news was announced by Brian Armstrong, the CEO of the crypto exchange, through a Twitter post. For three years, Coinbase had been secretly working on a documentary. This one would aim to show the processes of building a crypto business while introducing the general public to the industry.

Source: Brian Armstrong’s Twitter account

According to Brian Armstrong, the objective of this project would be to encourage more individuals to create their own start-up within the sector. The CEO hopes that this initiative will convince the population to get into crypto while restoring the image of the latter. This documentary could also be intended for regulators and the various authorities who lack knowledge in this area.

In order to carry out this idea, Coinbase called on director Greg Kohs. The latter has distinguished himself through various documentaries and feature films, in particular AlphaGo which focused on an artificial intelligence created by Google. It would be his ability to make technology moving and sympathetic in the public eye that convinced Armstrong to call on him.

Meanwhile, Coinbase is regaining power in the market

As Coinbase shares have seen their price plummet over the past six months, the crypto giant can finally see an upward slope. Indeed, in addition to a chart that seems to be on the rise again, several thousand shares would have been acquired by a large company. The CEO of Shopify would have spent nearly three million dollars, after becoming one of the members of the board of directors of the crypto exchange.

From a more general perspective, the platform has recently announcement the extension of its services in Australia. An initiative that would be justified by the open-mindedness of the population despite the presence of regulators unfavorable to an alternative economy.

Australians were early adopters of digital currencies in the world and are savvy investors. Additionally, Australia is a hotbed of fintech innovation – we have taken a hard look at this space to better understand the market and recently hired John O’Loghlen to lead our local team.

Excerpt from Coinbase’s announcement regarding the extension of its services in Australia

No offense to the authorities, Coinbase therefore seems to want to extend the influence of crypto in the world by using all possible media.


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Coinbase to Release Crypto Documentary – BeinCrypto

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