Comparison: 6 AI content generation tools

Copywriter robots, powered by artificial intelligence, offer to write blog posts, SEO content, product sheets or posts on social media for you.

Are you sometimes a victim of the white page syndrome? Do you need to produce a large volume of SEO-oriented content? If you answer yes to either of these two questions, you should test – at least out of intellectual curiosity – an artificial intelligence based text generation tool.

This type of editor bot tackles a wide variety of content: blog posts, brand content, landing pages of a website, product descriptions, advertising slogans, posts on social networks…. He can thus render some services to web agenciesmarketing departments, e-merchants, bloggers and even freelance journalists.

Most of the solutions selected below are based on GPT-3 technology from OpenAI, the AI ​​research company co-founded by Elon Musk. GPT, for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, generates text using pre-trained algorithms. This language-generating AI would be able to write essays or news articles, summarize or translate texts, take notes.

Writesonic, the most complete

Launched in February 2021, the American startup Writesonic resulting from a promotion from the Y Combinator incubator offers a writing assistant in eighteen languages ​​including French. Beyond classic blog posts and web content, Writesonic offers to help you write a Google ad, a Facebook ad, a product description for Amazon, a job offer optimized for LinkedIn, a real estate ad or a simple email.

Writesonic offers original functions such as content reformulation to adopt a different tone or avoid duplicate content (duplicate content) penalized by Google. The extension of text consists of giving a start of text to the AI ​​so that it suggests the rest. The tool also suggests keywords, title tags and meta description to optimize natural referencing.

Writesonic offers to test its online interface for free. The startup claims more than 150,000 clients, marketing departments, communication agencies but also prestigious references such as Evernote, Salesforce and Schneider Electric. From $15 per month for personal use (up to 50,000 words).

CopyAI for Marketing Professionals

Memphis-based CopyAI has raised $14 million since its inception in 2020. The startup primarily targets marketers. Its platform provides templates dedicated to writing case studies, promotional events, product launches or YouTube video captions. CopyAI also provides tools dedicated to brainstorming such as a generator of names, company mottos or… viral ideas.

Like Writesonic, CopyAI offers to test its solution without taking out your bank card. A real plus compared to other competitors. A large number of tutorials are also available. The startup displays eBay, Nestlé, Ogilvy or zoho among his references. His solution is the most expensive of our selection. From $35 per month (unlimited).

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The Rytr interface, which allows you to generate a text in French according to the desired key. Here: enthusiastic! © Rytr

ContentBot for productivity

Another American startup based in Florida but also in South Africa, ContentBot plays the productivity card. His tool reportedly generates up to 150 words each time the user clicks the “Write for me” button. What would differentiate it, according to the company, from a CopyAI. The platform also provides complete blog posts, from idea to full text.

Its target: specialists in brand content, Digital Marketing, SEO experts or bloggers. For the latter, ContentBot offers – always for the sake of productivity – an extension for Chrome and a plugin WordPress to put the content produced directly online.

Original, its plagiarism checker ensures that said content is original. Koch, Jobcase, Streamlabs or Hanson Robotics are among its customers. From $29 per month (40,000 words per month). No free trial version.

Jasper, the most popular

Same frustration on the side of Jasper, which will have been called then Jarvis. No free trial version to immediately confirm the favorable opinions issued online by its users. With some 25 languages ​​and more than 50 templates, the platform nevertheless displays great functional richness.

Beyond the use cases already stated, Jasper offers original features such as writing a company’s biography on its LinkedIn page or an Instagram photo caption. The tool can also answer questions asked on Quora or online customer reviews. A template even proposes to reformulate a text so that it is understandable by a child.

The Texas startup cites Airbnb, Google, Autodesk, IBM and Logitech as users of its solution. From $29 per month (20,000 words). Jasper also offers a Boss mode that would allow you to write content five times faster.

Rytr, the most intuitive

Rytr’s interface makes a strong impression. From a single window, the user chooses the language – among 30 available – and the type of content – ​​more than 30 templates – to produce. Enthusiastic, critical, informative, convincing… He can also choose the tone to adopt as well as the level of creativity.

To produce “engaging” content, the solution uses the AIDA and PAS copywriting methods familiar to marketers. Rytr also offers rewording or text reduction modules, an integrated plagiarism checker and an extension for Chrome. Launched in April 2021, the Californian startup would have attracted more than 850,000 editors. From 9 dollars per month (50,000 characters).

Mark Copy, the regional stopover

The only French representative of this selection, Mark Copy officially launched its product in September 2021. The startup is supported by Station F, La French Tech and Bpifrance. It is aimed at freelancers, startuppers, marketing agencies and other e-merchants.

Its solution is presented as a writing workshop to write SEO-oriented content more quickly. About twenty templates cover the most frequent use cases: blog article, Facebook and Google ads, website header, product description, catchphrase….

Very intuitive, its interface, which can be tested for free, offers a display in WYSIWYG. Because of his origin, Mark Copy can highlight his ability to master all the subtleties of the language of Molière. From 25 euros per month (50 generations).

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Comparison: 6 AI content generation tools

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