Consulting in digital transformation: AFD.Tech well established in Morocco

Specialized in digital transformation consulting for large companies in France, Belgium and Morocco, AFD.Tech has experienced significant growth since its launch in Morocco in 2014. To meet its development ambitions, the operator recently settled in Casablanca.

“We started in 2014 to work exclusively on telecoms. A year ago, we were only 250 employees when we created Meditech, and today we have passed the 500 mark. Not to mention the 96 interns who will be able to obtain a permanent contract within our company at the end of their internship. », says Amine El Rhayour, production manager at AFD.Tech.

Thus, the company operates throughout the life cycle of complex projects, for key account clients, from sectors such as banking, rail, media, telecoms… “AFD.Tech’s vision is to to innovate and engage with our customers to build the world of tomorrow. This vision is based on important values, shared with our partners”, notes in this perspective Jihane Ouhejjou, production director at AFD.Tech.

This is innovation, which is at the heart of AFD.Tech’s development strategy, combined with team spirit and sharing, “because the network of company employees allow it to create and innovate all together to learn, test and capitalize”, assures Amine El Rhayour.

Note that AFD Tech displays its CSR commitment “to give meaning and assume our responsibility as a company”, we say in this logic. AFD.Tech’s main mission is therefore to “be the future partner of large companies by supporting our clients in their major digital transformation projects thanks to our communities of IT & telecom experts”, explains Amine El Rhayour.

The Medtech center, with high added value
Since the creation of “Medtech”, a few years ago, in Rabat, which is a center of excellence, an open & collaborative place of innovation, AFD.Tech has thus launched three new poles of activity, which are brought to develop in order to address other customers, in Morocco and Africa.

Jihane Ouhejjou explains that “one pole deals with automation (Robotic Process Automation) and the other two are in charge of digitalization, data science and artificial intelligence”. Needless to say, with more than a third of the operational workforce in Morocco, the development of the Meditech service center is at the heart of AFD.Tech’s global strategy.

Indeed, at the beginning of March, the company inaugurated new offices in Casablanca to continue to develop, create new projects and boost its 500 talents.

The advantages of the merger with Accenture
At the beginning of the current month, AFD.Tech joined the Accenture group! With this merger, positive prospects are offered to the company in the three markets where it operates. AFD.Tech’s Production Director assures that “by combining our strengths with those of Accenture, AFD.Tech accesses an international network of experts and partnerships with today’s technology leaders that will allow us to ‘to support our current and future customers in their major digital transformation projects, networks, fiber and 5G, in France and abroad’. Moreover, Morocco will soon be able to represent an important nearshore activity for other activities of the Accenture group.

Human capital, a fundamental element
AFD.Tech’s philosophy is based on supporting young talent and the means to ensure their development. As a result, the operator has set up the “Talent Management” department. The challenge is to offer a rich and stimulating environment to employees through various actions. In particular through the “Talent” program which aims to identify, develop and develop its best talents through a training and management program to ensure a real increase in skills.

In addition, AFD.Tech has an innovation room, dedicated to collective intelligence, with the aim of implementing internal innovation. This in addition to Mate, the AFD.Tech application made by employees for employees.

“These actions represent real career accelerators. They offer prospects to employees, training, development, long-term inclusion of employees in the company’s strategy and also help create a real sense of belonging,” concludes AFD.Tech management.

“AFD Tech manager Attitude”: to boost talent

Far from traditional business management, AFD.Tech is reinventing business organization by offering a horizontal and organic organization. The parts that make up AFD.Tech interconnect in order to collaborate and interact together to operate more fluidly and responsively.

“Through this collective intelligence system, our desire is above all to maintain the human dimension and the proximity with the teams that characterize AFD.Tech”, we explain to the operator. The objective is to release the potential of employees, their know-how and their talents to accelerate our development and meet all of their technological challenges with customers.

Recently, AFD.Tech organized, in partnership with Best Profil, a 12-day cycle for its employees.

Sanae Raqui / ECO Inspirations

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Consulting in digital transformation: AFD.Tech well established in Morocco

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