Designer and supplier of image and video acquisition components

Faced with ever-increasing demand, Euresys, a leader in the design and supply of image and video acquisition components, is developing a diversified and highly competitive offer.

Through this article, discover the company Euresys and all of its offers in the world of industrial vision.

Euresys: International leader in the design and supply of frame grabbers

Euresys is a leading and innovative company in frame grabber technology. With R&D in Belgium and Germany, Euresys has sales and support offices in Europe, China (Shanghai, Shenzhen), Japan (Tokyo), USA (California), Singapore, as well as a extensive network of distributors around the world.

The company is renowned for providing high quality solutions and premium support to OEMs and system integrators around the world.

In his quality of designer and supplier of image and video acquisition componentsimage acquisition cards, IP FPGA cores and image processing software, it is actively involved in the computer vision, industrial vision, industrial automation, medical imaging and video surveillance.

The solutions of image and video acquisition components offered by the company thus apply to a multitude of fields, namely:

  • The electronics manufacturing industry;
  • The printing inspection industry;
  • The life sciences industry;
  • The medical industry;
  • The microscopy industry;
  • The military and defense industry;
  • Food industry ;
  • The sound industry;
  • The video surveillance industry…

Euresys’ expertise in image acquisition technology concerns:

  • Analog and digital video acquisition;
  • FPGA programming;
  • High frequency electronics;
  • Video compression and camera control.

In addition, thanks to its partnership with Sensor to Image, a world leader in industrial vision, Euresys extends its more than 30 years of expertise in imaging to the following technologies:

  • GigE Vision;
  • USB3 Vision;
  • CoaXPress;
  • Camera Link;
  • and GenICam.

In terms of image analysis, Euresys’ skills relate to:

  • Blob detection;
  • The measurement of sub-pixels;
  • Pattern matching;
  • Color analysis;
  • Optical character recognition;
  • Barcode reading and verification;
  • Inspection;
  • And 3D classification.

The designer and technology provider frame grabber knows a remarkable growth in the world of machine vision.

Indeed, the health and economic uncertainties leading to malfunctions in the semiconductor supply chain have not prevented Euresys from positioning itself as a reference with an overall increase in its turnover of 29% in 2021. to receive the €20.3 million.

Its international growth is therefore easily justified (32% in Asia, 10% in America and 32% in EMEA).

The significant growth of the Euresys company at the international level is justified above all by the fact that it has been able to stay in step with the evolution of solutions related to industrial vision.

Indeed, while the generalization of machine vision in more industries and applications than before continues, the company has worked to best meet demand by developing cutting-edge frame grabber solutions. .

Innovative machine vision services

Faced with recent technological developments related to high-speed/high-resolution cameras, distributed and multi-dimensional inspection, on-board edge computing, deep learning/artificial intelligence (AI), the Euresys company is shown to be competitive by designing a diversified range of products, in particular image acquisition cards and industrial vision software, as well as IP cores offered by Sensor to Image.

Euresys offerings include:

  • A wide range of high performance frame grabbers for CoaXPress, camera link and non-standard analog image acquisition. These cards support image acquisition from the fastest, highest resolution cameras available on the market;
  • From image processing and analysis software tools for defect detection, sub-pixel measurement, alignment, color analysis, optical character recognition, barcode reading and verification, 3D inspection and deep learning classification ;
  • From pure FPGA GigE Vision, CoaXPress and USB3 Vision IP cores. They reduce development time while delivering high performance in a small footprint;
  • From specific hardened COTS PC/104 boards designed for the most demanding industrial, security, transport or military embedded applications;
  • From SD video capture cards (standard definition) and HD (high definition) used in high-end PC-based healthcare, traffic control, and video surveillance applications;
  • From custom hardware components and solutions for OEM vision applications.

In line with new trends in machine vision, Euresys continues to innovate with the launch of new offers, including:

  • Extending coaxial-over-Fiber compatibility to more camera manufacturers;
  • New libraries for 3D machine vision (Easy3DMatch) and deeplearning/AI (easylocate);
  • And porting eVision machine vision libraries to Linux.

In addition, the designer and supplier of image and video acquisition components is also penetrating new markets, namely:

  • The growing quality inspection market for PV;
  • The OLED display market
  • And the drum film production market.

To this end, Euresys is improving local support for its customers and distributors with the opening of a new office in Shenzhen (precisely its second office in China).

While the pressure on the offer (in terms of price and deadlines) continues to increase, Euresys perpetuates the diversification of its supplies. For this, the company is adding new third-party suppliers and improving existing products to favor more second-source components.

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Designer and supplier of image and video acquisition components

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