Does the future of companies go through the Data Quality audit?

The business world has changed a lot with the arrival of digital technology. Many have already made the transition, but have they really succeeded? Indeed, computerization has led to a multiplication of data. However, if these are not stored or shared correctly, they will not be valued. Today, there are professionals whose job is to increase business performance through the implementation of a good data management policy.

What is a Data Quality audit?

The audit is an evaluation that measures the good management of data in a company. The first step is to target all the data produced and stored in the various departments and the means available to the company to access it. For example, today, one of the most common recommendations after an audit carried out by data and CRM experts, it is the establishment of a hub with a connection interface. This simplifies the storage and access to data, but it also avoids the duplication of this data. Today, agencies specializing in ” data intelligence» are now interested in the management of customer data. They offer different processes to enhance them in order to improve business performance.

Why should we care about customer data?

Did you know that companies that offer a personalized experience to their customers increase their revenue 2 to 3 times faster than their competitors? Indeed, improving customer knowledge for a company means several things. For starters, it allows us to offer a more suitable offer by better targeting the needs. Second, the personalization of messages further engages customers. For example, with automation tools , the open and click rate on advertising e-mails increases significantly if the messages are personalized. Finally, getting to know customers better increases the satisfaction rate, which is very important in a world where opinions are constantly exchanged.

How does a customer knowledge study work?

Experts will travel around the company to check various points. To start, you will needstudy data quality and carry out a cleaning in order to remove those which are useless or which bring no value, those which are duplicated. Then, the cleaning work is followed by the recovery work. By performing a segmentation adapted to the needs of the company, this will make it possible to better exploit this data. Finally, it is necessary to set up processes which tend towards a better knowledge of the customers by correctly exploiting the whole of the data in accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data. This will allow you to personalize the experience and increase its ROI.

Behavioral segmentation helps to better understand customer needs and measure loyalty, commitment and attraction to products and services. The implementation of automation tools will help improve the user experience. Indeed, artificial intelligence will make it possible to analyze certain data permanently to propose solutions at key moments. Not only does “machine learning” make it possible to better manage the offer, but it also helps in decision-making through analysis and forecasting tools. Generally, better management of customer data allows companies toincrease their ROIshort term.

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Does the future of companies go through the Data Quality audit?

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