Dominique Sciamma (CY Design): “Tomorrow our designers will be the equals of engineers and managers”

INTERVIEW – Dominique Sciamma is the director of CY Design in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines). He wants to deliver a comprehensive training that goes beyond the acquisition of simple technical skills.

Dominique Sciamma’s goal? “Training designers who are the equals of managers and engineers”. Within his new school, which saw its first students arrive in September 2021, the director of CY School of Design intends to promote a renewed vision of design. Located on the iX blue campus in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines), the school depends on CY Cergy Paris University. CY Design students receive technical education but also training in humanities, communication and personalized coaching from the first to the fifth year.

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THE STUDENT FIGARO. Can you explain to us what design studies consist of?

Dominique SCIAMMA. At CY School of Design, we have a global vision of design. We don’t just train decorators, we train creators of a good life experience. Our work can be applied to a Ferrari as well as a palliative care unit or a car adapted for the disabled. Our designers will tomorrow be the equals of engineers and managers. They will be associated with decision-making because they are the ones who create the living conditions of the future.

How is the training going?

This is a global training. Over the course of five years, students will acquire technical skills but they will also receive a solid education in human sciences, learn to speak English and they will be individually coached from the 1st to the 5th year. The school also attaches great importance to professionalization. In addition to the last two years in work-study, our students will have to carry out twenty group projects in partnership with companies. Alongside design training, we offer an engineer designer program. This intensive training given in six years instead of five is intended for students who like maths and computer science.

How is the selection on Parcoursup?

We are not looking for a typical profile. All baccalaureate holders can apply, whether they have obtained a general baccalaureate, or a technological baccalaureate with a literary or scientific dominance. We are looking for openness, commitment and creativity. Knowing how to draw is good, but knowing how to serve the community is even better. From the point of view of selectivity, last year we had around 220 candidates for 80 designating positions and 500 students for 30 designing engineer positions. We can already observe a clear increase in applications for the next school year.

What are your links with companies?

Our school is part of an exceptional ecosystem near the capital. On our Campus in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, we find iX blue, a major artificial intelligence company, but also around fifteen start-ups and innovative SMEs. This proximity to companies is precious for our students. In particular, it allows us to forge useful collaborations for their group projects and offers them opportunities.

How much are the tuition fees?

Our tuition fees amount to 3500 euros per year for the first three years and the students do not pay the last two thanks to the work-study program. Our school is therefore four to five times less expensive than other French design schools. Scholarship recipients do not pay any tuition fees. This pricing policy allows us to recruit profiles from a wide social diversity.

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Dominique Sciamma (CY Design): “Tomorrow our designers will be the equals of engineers and managers”

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