Emergence of a new category of enterprise software valued at 30 billion euros and confirmed by a global study

I’Enterprise Liquidity Management enables companies to secure their balance sheets and generate new growth opportunities in a world of heightened uncertainty

SAN DIEGO (USA), PARIS (France), March 24, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kyriba, the world leader in cloud-based liquidity management solutions, today announced the publication of the results of a study conducted by IDC among 800 finance departments worldwide. They highlight the emergence of a new class of business software combining cash management, risk, payments, real-time connectivity and working capital financing. This study also confirms that predictive analytics, APIs and Artificial Intelligence are key technologies to enable managers to optimize their liquidity management from a global point of view.

The most advanced finance departments leverage technology integration to unify finance data and processes

The study identifies a group of “leading” companies whose finance departments outperform their peers in terms of operational efficiency, technology adoption and process maturity.

  • Global view of liquidity: 51% of “leaders” can produce a consolidated view of cash and liquidity in less than an hour, compared to 8% of the least equipped companies;
  • Risk reduction: 79% of “leaders” have very effective payment fraud prevention in place, while only 16% of less equipped companies say they have confidence in their programs; 69% of “leaders” hedge effectively to protect their liquidity, while less than 5% of less technologically advanced companies report having effective hedging programs;
  • Real-time decisions : 93% of “leaders” use real-time information, compared to only 36% of less digitized organizations. 85% of “leaders” integrate real-time data from partners and third-party members into their software platforms;
  • Technology investments : 51% of “leaders” and 43% of all respondents plan to increase their investments in liquidity software platforms.

DAFs confirm the emergence of a new category dedicated to liquidity management

The new mission of the CFOs is to identify and activate all possible sources of liquidity for the company to face the increasing volatility of the markets. This study confirms that the most digitized companies are drawing the outlines of new practices in terms of liquidity management. They enable real-time risk mitigation, while globally optimizing cash flow, payments and working capital funding. CFOs can thus provide decision support to their operational partners by exploiting data thanks to Artificial Intelligence and APIs. We are witnessing the birth of a new category of software – Enterprise Liquidity Management », said Samuel Guillon, Director of Strategy at Kyriba.

We believe that such a liquidity management platform will help CFOs strengthen these new practices to improve their resilience, generate value and unlock growth opportunities. », he adds.

This emerging global liquidity management practice is reshaping the publisher market to create a new category of enterprise software valued at over $30 billion.

Overall, the results of the study show the growing importance of liquidity for financial executives. The CFO is becoming a liquidity champion driving transformation through data-driven operational decisions. Financial leaders demand systems that aggregate, analyze and disseminate data. This demand leads to the emergence of intelligent platforms, built on API technology and unified data management. Research shows CFOs recognize the need to invest in the tools, skills and resources needed to manage liquidity across the enterprise », said Kevin Permenter, Research Director, Financial Applications at IDC.

He adds : “PFor publishers, this is a unique opportunity to help CFOs in the evolution of their role. Overall, we estimate the potential market for Enterprise Liquidity Management software to be $30 billion in 2021. But the longer-term opportunities for software vendors are far greater. ».

About Kyriba:

Kyriba empowers CFOs and their teams to transform the way they activate liquidity as a dynamic, real-time vehicle to grow and create business value, while protecting against financial risk. With 2,500 customers worldwide, 20% of which are Fortune 500 companies, and 25 million payments processed daily, Kyriba’s platform connects internal treasury, risk, payment and working capital applications to vital external sources. such as banks, ERPs, trading platforms and market data providers. Based on a secure and scalable SaaS platform that uses artificial intelligence, Kyriba enables thousands of businesses around the world to maximize growth opportunities, protect against losses from fraud and financial risk, and reduce costs through advanced automation. Kyriba’s headquarters are in San Diego. The company is present on three continents with a strong presence in the United States and Europe. In France, Kyriba employs more than 200 people at its historic Saint-Cloud site, many of them in its innovation and product development teams.

For more information: www.kyriba.fr.

Study methodology

This study was conducted in August 2021 among 811 corporate treasurers based in the United States (31%), Europe (53%) and Asia (16%).

Emergence of a new category of enterprise software valued at 30 billion euros and confirmed by a global study

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