Esker and SEIITRA join forces to accelerate the dematerialization of documents

LYON, October 05, 2022SEIITRAa leader in digital condominium management solutions, announces a technological partnership with Esker, global cloud platform which values ​​the professions of finance and customer service by automating management cycles. Thanks to this partnership, Artificial Intelligence technologies (IA) of Esker come to enrich the new Dematerialization module incoming documents of powimo.

Launched in 2019, Powimo is a software offer, intended for real estate professionals, property managers and social landlords, which equips more than 12,000 users to manage 4 million lots. The main objectives of this partnership are the automation of the processing of invoices and bank statements, as well as the reduction of the carbon footprint thanks to dematerialization.

With Esker’s AI technologies, invoices are digitized and made accessible directly in Powimo. The Esker solution for the dematerialization of supplier invoices makes it possible to reduce errors linked to manual entry and to accelerate their payment. It also makes it possible to automate the sorting and archiving of bank statements in order to make them available directly on the customer area of ​​the members of the union councils.

Powimo’s new Dematerialization module reduces the costs associated with handling and storing paper documents and thus generates significant productivity gains: real estate professionals can now focus on tasks with the highest added value for their clients.

This partnership also makes it possible to act on the volume of materials and energy used for the production of goods and services and to reduce the carbon impact of management solutions: less materials and waste, less ink consumption, electricity and paper as well as less regular maintenance of printers.

“This partnership is fully in line with our strategy of developing a network of partners and sharing our expertise by integrating our technologies with the solutions of other publishers to enrich their offers. We are delighted to allow SEIITRA to complete its offer. software and to offer its customers a better experience thanks to a streamlined and simplified management of incoming documents.” eexplain Pascal du Peloux, Director of the Business Department Lab at Esker.

The philosophy e SEIITRA is to always bring more ofautomation to his customers to allow them to focus on the thashigh added value chess to optimize team performance and efficiency. We have chosensker because theirs technologys ofAI we allow to take a big step forward streamline and accelerate the automation of our customers’ processes such as entering invoices.” precise Dennis EscleinDirector General at SEIITRA.

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Esker and SEIITRA join forces to accelerate the dematerialization of documents

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