ESN Onepoint is looking to recruit 50 people in Toulouse

The digital services company (ESN) Onepoint is looking to strengthen its teams in Toulouse. Present since 2006 in the Pink City, the specialist in digital transformation is looking to recruit around fifty people, while as many are already installed in their premises on rue Lapeyrouse.

“The health crisis has accelerated the digital transformation and the needs of various entities. For many players, this has also been done in pain. These recruitments must allow us to adapt to this growth in activity”, justifies Sylvie Favre, the sales director of the Toulouse site.

In addition, the Parisian entity, which employs 2,900 people in total, has its teams work on all of its French and foreign customers thanks to the dematerialized aspect of its activities. Today, Onepoint supports its customers in the creation of digital devices, from the framing of needs to their realization and their security.

On a daily basis, the ESN does not support the industrial sector in Toulouse, which is more interested in entities such as Capgemini or CGI, which recently recruited 200 people. and rather favors the tertiary sector and public actors. It has thus collaborated with the regional council of Occitanie, or Toulouse Métropole, the department of Tarn or health establishments. She has also developed information systems for banking players such as the Banque Populaire and the Pierre Fabre group.

“Talent War”

To support this client portfolio, Onepoint is actively looking for IT developers, experts in cybersecurity, compliance, data or artificial intelligence. It also plans to recruit 150 people in Bordeaux in 2022, while the company plans to open a large campus there by 2024..

“The digital recruitment market is very tight in Toulouse and elsewhere. Today, the primary challenge is more recruitment rather than the development of our markets. Between competitors, there is rather a war of talents than a market war. When we canvass a person, they generally have four to five offers in front of them, from Paris or even abroad”, observes Sylvie Favre.

According to the Association for Executive Employment (Apec), in Occitanie, the IT sector is the leading recruiter in 2022 with 2,300 recruitments planned for the year, out of a total of just over 15,000 positions. The organization also highlights the fact that eight out of ten companies encounter difficulties in their recruitment.

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Trying to seduce candidates through well-being

In an attempt to stand out, Onepoint presents itself as “a liberated company“, to believe the words of the HR manager of the Toulouse site, Loic Jacob. In fact, the company is organized into only three hierarchical levels in order to promote the autonomy of its employees. In addition, the company promotes teleworking as much as possible and therefore does not refrain from recruiting people throughout the southwest to meet its needs. “We also look at the four-day week“, says Loïc Jacob.

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For employees who choose face-to-face, even partial, Onepoint also relies on its 700 m2 of very recent premises in Toulouse to attract candidates. The surface offers a modern and equipped kitchen for employees and cozy and modern workspaces, which also have a commercial interest. “We bring our customers to put them in conditions that promote creativity and innovation“, Explain Sylvie Favre, while noting that Onepoint offers a reception offer with its spaces.

In Toulouse, on this collaborative change management market, the entity will have to deal with competition from the company Ethics Group, based in Blagnac (Haute-Garonne). It is this same company which, a few months ago, became one of the first companies with a mission at the local level.

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