Google Maps will update store opening hours and speed limits using artificial intelligence. – Benin News

PARIS, April 8 (Benin News/EP) –

Google Maps will be updated using artificial intelligence (HAVE) and a machine learning model of shop opening hours and speed limits being exceeded, especially as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Businesses have undergone many changes ” these last years “including constantly updating their schedules based on restrictions to deal with the coronavirus crisis.

To stay up to date, Google Maps has developed a machine learning model that identifies the opening hours of establishments that are not up to date, he explains on his blog.

The AI ​​updates them with its predictions, which it bases on a series of parameters, which the tech company explains with the example of a lemonade store. To begin with, its systems take into account multiple factors such as when the company profile was updatedthe opening hours of neighboring shops and the busiest times of the day.

Google’s algorithms then analyze the opening hours of the nearest similar stores (other lemonade shops), the information on their website (if they have one) and even how the lemonade shop’s customers are treated. View from the street to determine the most accurate prediction for your day, based on storefront images.

At the same time, Google takes into account feedback from the Maps community, from local guides to business owners themselves via their profile on Google Business to verify the predicted information.

In Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru and the United States, the company will also call companies directly to confirm their schedules using conversational technology. Google Duplexan AI that makes it possible to make calls in place of the user with a human voice and as an assistant.

Google’s goal is to update the schedules of more than 20 million businesses worldwide within the next six months.


Google also announced that it will update speed limit information, starting with the United States. To do this, the company will partner with other companies that have already collected road imagery to improve their delivery routes.

Google will then use a combination of AI and help from its operational teams to identify a sign in the image, extract information about the new speed limitand update Maps.


The company says all of its new features and updates are made with “privacy in mind”. In this respect, Google only uses photos taken on public roads.

The tech company says it also requires its partners to scramble information, such as faces and license plates, to prevent identification. For an extra layer of privacy, Google blurs your photo again when you receive it and deletes it once it has been used to update its maps.

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Google Maps will update store opening hours and speed limits using artificial intelligence. – Benin News

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