Halo Rise, Astro, Echo… The new products unveiled by Amazon

On the occasion of its product event, Amazon unveiled some new features on September 28, 2022. A new sleep monitoring device without contact with the person was notably unveiled. Otherwise the company has mostly unveiled the grooming of certain products and new features for its Astro robot.

Amazon and health

With Halo Rise, Amazon continues its health offensive. The company offers a contactless sleep tracking device. The Halo Rise uses a sensor to detect the movements and breathing patterns of the person sleeping closest to it. Every morning, you can get a data summary with tips on how to get more restful sleep.

The Halo Rise is also compatible with Alexa and can be used as an alarm clock. It is possible to configure the device to wake up gradually thanks to a light that imitates the sunrise. The device will be released later this year for $140.

Some new things for Astro

Astro, Amazon’s indoor robot, was unveiled last year. On the occasion of its 2022 conference, Amazon details new features. Designed as an assistant and a patroller, the Astro robot has two wheels and a screen: it can move independently and detect intruders with a facial recognition tool. Now Astro can also recognize pets

Amazon presented a business version of this robot. Designed for VSEs and SMEs, the Astro robot can monitor the sites of these companies. If companies are equipped with the Virutal Security Guard: When the alarm goes off, Astro autonomously and proactively investigates what happened. Security guards can use Astro’s cameras to observe what is happening in real time.

Above all, the robot has an artificial intelligence feature that allows it to learn what objects are in a house both by looking at them and by listening to a person describe it (the goal is for the robot to know what is the kitchen door, bedroom window, etc.).

The Echo Studio and Echo Dot speakers are groomed

The Echo Studio features a new spatial audio processor which allows the speaker to deliver better stereo sound. Amazon promises better midrange clarity and deeper bass to its high-end speaker. The enclosure retains its design, but a white color is now available. The Echo Studio is marketed at a price of 200 euros and the start of marketing will be next month.

Echo Dot has also been groomed, even if its design remains the same overall: a new speaker is inserted into the enclosure. Amazon promises bigger bass and clearer vocals. The Echo Dot and the Echo Dot with a clock are available for pre-order at 50 and 60 euros. Noted that the Echos Dot also come with an eero Wi-Fi repeater feature. Two versions for children are also launched and will go on sale soon for 60 dollars. Amazon also unveiled a new Echo Auto, an object designed to bring Alexa into the car cabin, which is slimmer than the previous version.

Focus on Security with Ring Spotlight Cam Pro and Spotlight Cam Plus

No security drone or patrol robot this year for Amazon. On the security side, the company simply presented two new Ring cameras: Spotlight Cam Pro and Spotlight Cam Plus. Both cameras have motion detection technology. Different versions will be marketed (depending on the battery offered, the type of recharging, etc.) for prices ranging from 200 to 230 euros.

In addition, an alarm button called Alarm Panic Button can complete the device. This button, which can be placed or fixed on a wall, is designed for emergency situations. When triggered, the Ring Alarm siren is triggered and an alert sent to shared users. This button will be marketed next month at 35 euros.

Kindle Scribe, between tablet and e-reader

Amazon introduced the Kindle Scribe, an e-reader on which you can draw. The device is made up of a 10.2-inch screen on which it is possible to read books, but also to take notes while reading or simply to create lists or other documents. The Kindle Scribe is marketed with a stylus and presents itself as more than a “simple” e-reader. It is available for pre-order at a price of 370 euros.

Finally, Amazon unveiled a new TV box (Fire TV Cube) which supports 4K HDR videos, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos; a remote that works with Alexa, the Alexa Voice Remote Pro; a new Fire Omni QLED Series TV.

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Halo Rise, Astro, Echo… The new products unveiled by Amazon

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