HEG Arc: 167 titles awarded

The winners received their certificate or attestation from the hands of Olivier Kubli, director of the HEG Arc.

Graduates come mainly from the cantons of Neuchâtel, Jura and Bern, as well as from the cantons of Vaud, Friborg and Geneva.

In detail, HEG Arc awarded 23 Generalist titles in accounting and finance, 22 Generalist titles in social insurance, 20 Blockchain and AI titles, 20 Generalist titles in human resources, 12 Specialist titles in Purchasing & Logistics/ Purchasing, 12 Generalist titles in marketing and communication, 11 Generalist titles in labor law, 10 Generalist titles in financial markets, 9 Generalist titles in social media, 9 titles in Neuromarketing in sales and advertising, 7 Occupational Health Generalist titles, 7 Game titles as a promotional and communication tool, 5 Initiation to Russian titles.

Practical and varied courses to update knowledge and know-how

Continuing education “General public” at HEG Arc is intended for people who wish to continue their professional development by deepening their field of skills or acquiring new knowledge of a subject outside their field of expertise.

Modular training organized in collaboration with AvenirFormation and ceff COMMERCE, the Purchasing Specialist & Logistics/Purchasing Specialist meets the expectations in terms of skills of the logistics and purchasing professions.

Offered in collaboration with the Faculty of Law of the University of Neuchâtel and the Economics Department of the canton of Neuchâtel, the training “Blockchain and AI: opportunities and challenges for companies” highlights Blockchain and AI technologies. ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) as levers for the digitalization of companies.

The Social Insurance Generalist is offered in partnership with the Neuchâtel Association of Social Insurance Employees (ANEAS). This training covers the many themes inherent in the social policy practiced in Switzerland.

The training of Generalist in accounting and finance makes it possible to obtain or deepen a global vision of the financial activities of the company, as well as its financial and accounting management.

The Generalist in labor law, intended for non-lawyers, allows students to acquire general and practical notions in labor law.

The modular training of Generalist in financial markets makes it possible to understand the functioning of markets and financial products.

Offered in collaboration with Marketing Neuchâtel, the Generalist in Marketing and Communication provides an overall view of the key concepts and activities relating to marketing and corporate communication.
The Generalist training in social media allows you to develop your skills in web communication, creation and management of content, image and relationships on social media.

The Human Resources Generalist provides an overview of the main activities in human resources management and team management.

The Occupational Health Generalist addresses health issues related to the organization of work.

The “Games as a promotional and communication tool” course enables you to learn how to promote a product in an attractive way, to transmit knowledge or even to strengthen the cohesion of your team by using the playful universe.

In collaboration with one of the world’s specialists in brain imaging in marketing, the Neuromarketing training in the service of sales and advertising, unique in Switzerland, provides serious lines of thought on the techniques of influence and manipulation. in sales and advertising.

Introduction to Russian emphasizes oral expression and conversation, after learning the alphabet and common expressions.

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HEG Arc: 167 titles awarded

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