How mature are companies in the face of AI? A study takes stock.

A new Accenture report tries to measure the current maturity of companies facing the potential of AI. More than 60% of large companies are still only experimenting with artificial intelligence, thus depriving themselves of a lever for growth and innovation.

Conducted with 1,200 companies around the world, Accenture’s new report on the maturity of companies facing AI is based on more than fifteen key capabilities ranging from strategy to tools through governance, experimentation, talents, bias management, etc.

It follows that only 12% of companies surveyed have reached a level of maturity that allows them, thanks to AI, to accelerate their growth. These companies, which Accenture refers to as ” AI Achievers (The AI ​​winners) stand out and recognize each other thanks to 5 common characteristics:

1 – Their leaders make AI a strategic priority for the entire organization
2 – These companies are investing heavily in talent that can leverage AI investments
3 – These companies industrialize the tools and organize themselves to create a solid “AI” core
4 – These companies imagine responsible AI from the design phase
5 – These companies are prioritizing short-term and long-term AI investments.

It’s no wonder, then, that most companies have not yet reached this level of maturity. In reality, 63% of the organizations studied are still swimming in experimental waters.

But according to Accenture, the number of “AI Achievers” organizations will more than double by 2024, from 12 to 27% ! And if there are obviously sectoral differences, the progression will be significant and similar in all areas. Unsurprisingly, it is in Tech, automotive, aerospace and life sciences that AI has already conquered the most companies.

Evolution of the level of maturity of companies facing AI by 2024.

However, there is a sixth particularity induced by the 5 listed above: AI Achievers benefit more from AI because they invest more heavily in these technologies. In 2018, AI Achivers invested 14% of their technology budget in ML and AI. In 2021, this share has risen to 28%! And, on average, these “AI Achievers” estimate that AI will represent 34% of their technological investments in 2024!

And that’s important because companies will only progress in their business goals and in their understanding of the potential of AI through practice. This practice helps to understand uses, identify challenges and risks, industrialize processes and create governance and an AI culture within the company. And the practice makes it possible to pass always more pilot projects in production.

The more a company is mature in the face of AI, the easier it is to move its AI projects into production

Also, practice helps to train talents. 78% of companies “AI Achievers”compared to only 56% of AI Builders and 51% of AI Experimenters have mandatory AI training for most of their employees (from engineers/developers to senior management).

Two last figures to remember to conclude, according to Accenture, “AI Achievers” have on average experienced 50% higher growth than other companies during the pandemic years and are 3.5 times more likely than “Experimenters” to see their income influenced by AI outperform their overall revenue by 30%.

Source : AI Maturity: From Practice to Performance | Accenture

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How mature are companies in the face of AI? A study takes stock.

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