IBM welcomes Biden with $20 billion investment…

The computer giant IBM announced Thursday, during a visit by the American president, to want to invest 20 billion dollars in the Hudson Valley, in the north of the State of New York, during the next ten years.

“This investment is aimed at making breakthroughs in semiconductor technology, mainframe computers, quantum computers and artificial intelligence,” company boss Arvind Krishna said during a speech at a factory. of the group in Poughkeepsie.

Joe Biden hailed the announcement from an “iconic American company” as a further sign of the success of his strategy to rebuild American innovation.

“It is here at this factory, and in the factories of other companies across the country, that America’s future is literally being built,” he said.

IBM’s announcement follows other similar, and equally spectacular, commitments from technology groups.

The American technological giant Micron will thus invest up to 100 billion dollars over more than 20 years in the construction of the largest semiconductor factory in the United States, while its competitor Intel will commit 20 billion dollars on a new site in Ohio, a state in the Midwest of the United States.

So many initiatives for which the White House gladly takes credit, after getting Congress to vote this summer on an envelope of 52.7 billion dollars to subsidize research and investment in semiconductors in the United States, as well as in several advanced technologies.

Among them quantum computing, which should allow the next generation of computers to perform calculations of diabolical complexity at breakneck speed.

This technology makes a point of putting into practice the discoveries of quantum mechanics, the science of uncertainty and simultaneous calculations, as opposed to today’s computing, based on a principle of binary certainty and on successions of data.

“We are witnessing a manufacturing boom in the country, which strengthens our economy and our national security by creating well-paying and American jobs,” said a White House official, ahead of the visit.

Beyond the obvious social and political fallout, the calculation of President Joe Biden, an uninhibited supporter of economic patriotism, is also diplomatic.

He wants to reduce the dependence of the United States on imported technologies, in particular from Asia, against the backdrop of technological and strategic rivalry with China.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve been so well positioned globally,” Joe Biden said Thursday, referring to the investment climate in the United States created by “the most productive workers in the world”, the “top research universities,” venture capital firms, and pressure from his administration to pass major infrastructure spending.





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IBM welcomes Biden with $20 billion investment…

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