Keysight launches new Network Packet Brokers to provide better visibility into 400G hybrid networks.

Next-generation network packet brokers eliminate the blind spots of complex high-speed networks.

Keysight Technologies, a leading technology company that provides advanced solutions to accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, announces the launch of the new Network Packet Broker Vision 400 Series to deliver increased visibility in high-speed 400G hybrid networks .

Networks are getting faster and more complex to support hybrid IT networks and multi-cloud business deployments for applications such as 5G, remote work, artificial intelligence (AI), video streaming and reality augmented/virtual (AR/VR). According to an Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) report on network visibility, 96% of organizations find packet scanning critical to cybersecurity operations, yet only 34% have a visibility architecture of the efficient network. Network data (or packets) is also essential for improving the customer experience as well as understanding and securing these networks.

To address this challenge, Keysight has released new off-the-shelf 400G network packet brokers for enterprises and service providers that help improve the application delivery experience and security posture against advanced persistent threats. :

The Vision Edge 400S offers high-speed, scalable rack and edge traffic aggregation that brings together a variety of port configurations and advanced features for tunneling, IP header filtering, load balancing, and data aggregation. timestamp. Organizations are sure to meet demanding demands.

- The Vision 400 solution offers advanced capabilities to meet core network security monitoring requirements. It deals with sophisticated packet processing for complex overlay networks, including deduplication, header stripping, packet slicing, and a deep understanding of applications running on networks with identification, geolocation, and tracking. application decryption.

New features for new levels of performance

The advantages of the new Vision 400 platforms are:

- A highly scalable, all-in-one solution, built on Keysight’s packet lossless hardware architecture, that enables customers to monitor and secure their business applications.

- Advanced packet aggregation features that strip and terminate 20 different tunnel headers to eliminate blind spots in complex software-defined networks used for application delivery.

- Multiple port configurations to support current network performance while ensuring networks can be upgraded with 10G/25G/40G/50G/100G/200G/400G offerings.

- Support for NRZ and PAM4 standards for maximum port density and flexibility.

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Keysight launches new Network Packet Brokers to provide better visibility into 400G hybrid networks.

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