Kinetix: we created our 3D avatar to conquer the metaverse

Create your 3D avatar for the metaverse without having the slightest notion of code, it’s possible.

Already present at the Game Developers Conference, the French start-up Kinetix has just raised 11 million dollars to conquer the metaverse. One more step towards virtual worlds for the company founded in 2020, which aims to make 3D creation accessible to everyone.

Create your 3D avatar without knowing how to code

With the explosion of metaverse and Web3, someone had to take care of bringing our virtual avatars to life. We are still far from being able to walk in the world dreamed of by Mark Zuckerberg at the end of last year. In the meantime, the start-up Kinetix already allows automatically extract 3D movements from videos captured from a smartphone.

The idea seems complex (it is), but in fact turns out to be surprisingly easy to handle: from the platform, any Internet user can extract a sequence of movements from a short video. Once the latter has been created, it is then possible to customize an avatarable to imitate the filmed sequence, or to follow certain predefined patterns.


James Cameron better watch out: Kinetix allows all passionate amateurs to make their own motion capture from a smartphone, without sensors or accessories. The promise is beautiful on paper, and it is clear that it is also stunning once launched. We tested it with Arthur Jacq, the company’s marketing and communication manager. Equipped with a smartphone and a computer, it only took a few minutes to film a very approximate choreography, and transform it into an astonishingly faithful 3D movement.

Once the movement was created, we were then able to customize our avatar from a library of pre-existing skins. It is then that the serious things begin. While novices will be content (like us) to upload their creation in video format, Kinetix then allows you to export a slew of files that can be used on all 3D engines on the market (Autodesk Maya, Unreal, Unity, etc.). and even in VR format, thanks to artificial intelligence. Objective: to allow creatives to easily create a first 3D file, to then be able to use it in an animation project, video game, augmented reality, and of course, in the metaverse.

NFT, kittens and real time, the brand’s next bets

With its fundraising, Kinetix intends to continue its momentum. The company plans to back an NFT marketplace to its platform, to allow content creators to monetize their 3D creations. With the integration of Adobe Mixamo and Ready Player Me, the appearance of avatars also promises to gain in finesse and realism, especially in terms of faces, which are undoubtedly emerging as the next big challenge for the company. In the near future, the start-up also plans to tackle real-time 3D modeling.

For the moment, Kinetix focuses on the human body, but does not exclude the possibility of offering its hour of glory to our four-legged companions. It must be admitted that the prospect of create a 3D model of your cat to then sell it in the form of NFT looks rather attractive.

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Kinetix: we created our 3D avatar to conquer the metaverse

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