> : Launch of TELUS International’s campaign to help brands find the right partner for the implementation, improvement and adaptation of digital customer experience services and programs

In 2022, 84% of technology executives plan to use an external vendor in some way to help their company meet its customer experience goals

TELUS International (NYSE and TSX: TIXT) is an innovative digital customer experience leader that designs, manufactures and delivers next-generation solutions for market-creating global brands. It today announced the launch of its “Better Together” campaign, which aims to help brands find the right partner to implement, improve and scale all facets of their digital customer experience, AI-powered data, content management and managed cloud services.

According to a survey conducted in partnership with TELUS International with 100 technology executives, the majority of these executives (89%) rate customer experience as a medium or high priority and 84% plan to use some form of another, to an external vendor to help their company meet its customer experience goals in 2022. Additionally, technology executives consider innovation (28%), experience (26 %) and offering end-to-end solutions (19%) as the top qualities sought in digital customer experience providers.

“Brands undergoing strong growth that need to quickly reframe the size or scope of their business, expand geographically, or create a new digital channel often need to bring in an outside expert to continue delivering a superior customer experience. To be successful, they absolutely must find the right partner,” explains Maria Pardee, Chief Commercial Officer, TELUS International.

Better Together: Characteristics of a Good Customer Experience Partner

When businesses need to quickly reframe and expand their scope, they often realize they need help to maintain a superior customer experience. However, it is not always easy to determine if a digital customer experience provider has the skills and qualities sought.

TELUS International’s “Better Together” campaign offers four informative insights from IDC that combine tips and criteria to help brands choose a provider that meets their current and future needs in the areas of digital customer experience, AI-powered data solutions, content moderation and managed cloud services. By investing the time upfront to understand the current and future criteria to consider when choosing a customer experience partner, companies will benefit and ensure that their most valuable asset is protected: the relationship they interact with their customers.

“Collaborating with the right customer experience provider can be transformative,” adds Ms.me Sorry. First, brands can refocus their internal resources on what they do best, which is designing products and services, and on research and development. Brands have such leeway knowing that their customer experience provider will follow all of their customers’ data security rules, which are constantly evolving and may vary from country to country. Finally, brands can be confident that their current and future customer experience needs will be met and properly anticipated, since their customer experience partner will have the capabilities and expertise to tailor those needs to customer behaviors. and ever-changing demand. »

Read the full results in the four informative IDC insights sponsored by TELUS International, here.

About TELUS International

TELUS International (NYSE and TSX: TIXT) designs, manufactures and delivers next-generation digital solutions to enhance the customer experience of global market-creating brands. Its services support the full digital transformation lifecycle of its clients and enable them to more quickly adopt next-generation digital technologies to improve their bottom line. TELUS International’s integrated solutions encompass digital strategy, innovation, consulting and design, information technology lifecycle management (managed solutions, intelligent automation and comprehensive data solutions based on artificial intelligence, such as computer vision), omnichannel customer experience, and trust and security, including content moderation. TELUS International supports businesses at all stages of growth. It collaborates with different brands in fast-growing industries, such as tech and gaming, communications and media, e-commerce, fintech, banking, financial services and insurance, healthcare , travel and hospitality.

TELUS International’s unique culture of caring promotes diversity and inclusion. The company’s policies, workshops and resource groups reflect this, as do its equal opportunity hiring practices in all regions where it does business. Since 2007, the company has had a positive impact on the lives of more than one million citizens around the world. It gives back to communities and helps those in need through large-scale volunteer activities and donations. TELUS International’s five Community Boards have donated $4.7 million to local charities since 2011. To learn more, visit telusinternational.com.


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> : Launch of TELUS International’s campaign to help brands find the right partner for the implementation, improvement and adaptation of digital customer experience services and programs

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