Liberated hybrid work

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You have certainly noticed that companies have quite different approaches to telecommuting and hybrid working. It’s quite normal, each addresses the subject with its management culture, the possibilities linked to its profession, its real estate or even the location of its employees.

And even if some leaders are still reluctant to see their employees telecommute, a consensus now seems to be emerging around 2 to 3 days of telecommuting per week. The explanation (or the excuse) for this limit is the need to preserve the social bond and the solidity of the work collective.

More extremist, some startups like Buffer give their employees more freedom: the possibility of working remotely 100% of the time and living wherever they want.

There is no single work organization model to impose. Each company does what it can. However, some of them have understood that it is beneficial to give their employees autonomy and freedom to organize their work.

Stéphane Gannac, Deputy Managing Director of La Mutuelle Générale, the third French mutual, explained to us, in an interview, his very innovative, very open organization of teleworking. However, his company of 1,700 employees is far from being a startup.

Despite this, their project, called “Open work”, provides up to five days of telework per week for those who request it and the freedom to choose where they want to work. With just two constraints:

  • engagements with customers take precedence over working from home

  • employees who choose to work from home five days a week are required to return to the office four days a month. As a small bonus, their travel between their place of work and the office is paid for by La Mutuelle Générale.

This compulsory return to the office is intended to preserve the social bond in the teams. “Our employees do not come four days a month to the office to have Teams meetings locked in a room explains Stéphane Gannac, They come to animate their team and to support the collective.“To this end, all managers have a budget to create events or team meals.

This “Open work” project results from the first confinement during which work, at the office or remotely, was observed and evaluated. Once the project was launched, a group of 80 employees worked on proposals.

The fundamental reflection on the organization of work has made it possible to go very far in innovation. Thanks to a major effort on training carried out in the internal management school with various themes: management in hybrid mode, detection of weak signals of disengagement, team leadership, etc.

A result based on a basic principle: trust in employeesars. “If you start from the principle that you do not trust your collaborators, you should not go therewarns Stéphane Gannac. You will expend energy wanting to control what you will never be able to control..”

The results of this “Open work” were not long in coming. In La Mutuelle Générale’s annual barometer published yesterday, 87% of employees believe that this new work organization has a positive impact on team efficiency.

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Liberated hybrid work

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Huge controversy about the two additional holidays available to civil servants in Alsace compared to their colleagues from “internal France”. The project plans to eliminate these two days or to spread them out at the rate of… 3′ of additional work per day. I’m curious to have your opinion in the comments 😉

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Noémie Aubron quotes Zevillage in the sources of his excellent newsletter Future(s). Too much honor, thank you Noémie 😉 By the way, I discovered the rather funny origin of the Quebec expression “to show off”.

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We finally had news of the resurrection of the hero of the office, the model employee in person. But isn’t it that his return is in jeopardy ?

👏 The future of work, the return
The Association of HRDs (ANDRH) and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) publish the 2nd edition of their survey on the Future of Work. Hybrid work is essential in the minds of HRDs, around 2 days of teleworking/week. A good start.

👿 Telecommuting, killer!
Teleworking would deteriorate working conditions and more broadly, the state of health of employees, would cause a sharp rise in stress and isolation, would erode the motivation of employees, would deteriorate the managerial relationship, the social bond, the ability to learning, the feeling of belonging to the collective that is the company. But none of these statements are is not me who says it.

🏢 Hybrid work, real estate and coworking
Urbanite Advisors and Neo-Nomade made a joint presentation on the quantified effects of hybrid work on real estate. For the first time, Neo-Nomade presents the analysis of data from its coworking space booking platform. We will return to this topic but, in the meantime, you can already download the presentations (PDF).

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This week I’m opening a new section “practical advice” requested by several readers. You will tell me: stop or again?

If you are keen to spare the battery of your smartphone (also valid for that of your computer or your car), here is a thread Very full :

To include in your ecological reflection: fast chargers would be a threat to the environment.

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Liberated hybrid work

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