Livi, the new face of innovation at LVMH reveals the startups that will join her Lab

For the 6th edition of its innovation trophy, the LVMH Innovation Award, Livi, muse of the recruitment campaign and “face of innovation” of the luxury group unveils the 21 startups that will join the LVMH laboratory at the Viva Technology event which is held from June 15 to 18 in Paris.

A very selective approach among startups

From a panel of 950 solutions representing 75 countries, LVMH pre-selected 21 start-ups, half of whose projects are led by women. These solutions meet key challenges for the LVMH Maisons. The winners will be invited to join the LVMH acceleration program, La Maison des Startups, at Station F, the technological incubation center created by Xavier Niel. Six startups will be rewarded in 6 different categories, which cover the challenges of luxury and its ecosystem.

The categories relate to 3D, virtual and metaverse product experience, employee experience and CSR, media and brand awareness, omni-channel and retail, operations and manufacturing excellence as well as than durability. A special prize will also be awarded to a startup for the most compelling data and artificial intelligence solution. One of the finalist startups will be named winner of the LVMH Innovation Award. On June 16, the awards ceremony will be co-hosted by Livi, LVMH’s digital star. She will be joined in her virtual home by experts to share their vision of the future of luxury.

Six key categories identified by LVMH

In the category “3D product experience, virtual and metaverse”, we find:

Bitsky : NFT Marketplace and wallet allowing interoperability between metaverses
BlockBar : NFT Marketplace for the direct sale to consumers of Wines and Spirits
DressX : a digital wardrobe that anyone can wear virtually. The company collaborates in particular with the department stores of Printemps.
Lingo3d : solution that allows brands to easily create online exhibitions and virtual pop-ups

In the “Employee Experience and CSR” category, there are:

bloomin : platform for real-time measurement and analysis of the employee experience
Gamino : offers digital training to raise awareness of disability
Lumm : tools and training to support the mental well-being of employees

In the Media and Brand Awareness category, these are:

Lumen : an eye-tracking technology for understanding and optimizing digital advertisements : Early identification of new micro-trends using search engine and social media data
Seenthis : streaming technology that accelerates the display of video advertisements

In the omni-channel and retail category, the candidates are:

LVMH will share its use cases in artificial intelligence with

Monoprix sells two collections of NFT one in pastry and

Chata : offers dynamic translation from natural language to database query language
Markvision : the detection and elimination of counterfeits for online sales
The Showcase : a phygital solution for the remote video presentation of Watches and Jewelry

In the approach to excellence in operations and manufacturing, we find:

Astrachain : Cloud collaboration software and decentralized storage for confidential data
Einblick : collaborative platform to explore data, develop predictions and deploy prescriptive information
Toshi : the last stage of luxury services, bringing the store to the customer

Finally, in the category of Sustainability, the startups are:

BioFluff : a 100% vegetable alternative fur
Genesis : monitoring the health of agricultural soils
Sweep : measure and optimize carbon emissions throughout a company’s value chain
WeTurn : transforming unsold textiles into new yarns and fabrics

Livi, a digital face for LVMH

Livi stands for “LVMH Innovation Virtual Insider”. This is the new “Face of Innovation” of the luxury group LVMH on the various digital channels of LVMH, where it is responsible for promoting the innovative projects of the group and its Houses. Livi will thus support the group’s annual challenge for startups, the LVMH Innovation Award, which takes place during the Viva Technology event.

Livi was 3D modeled by Altava, finalist of the “LVMH Innovation Award 2021” and dressed by the LVMH Fashion and Jewelry Houses. Livi will have a starring role at the upcoming VivaTech event from June 15-18. She will be co-host of the LVMH Innovation Award live from her virtual home and will also participate in the digital edition of VivaTech, welcoming experts to talk about the major challenges of the future of luxury.

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Livi, the new face of innovation at LVMH reveals the startups that will join her Lab

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