Marseille. The inclusive digital school ‘The Platform’ is growing to meet the needs of businesses

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From dream to reality. The idea of ​​a campus open to all germinated in the head of a business leader, tired of not finding qualified personnel to run his IT companies. Cyril Zimmermann sold everything to embark on this entrepreneurial adventure in 2019, with great ambition: “ Here we welcome all audiences, all ages, all educational, social and professional levels to train them in IT professions “. The entrepreneur has created The platform “. It will experience the growth of a startup.

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Marseille’s “platform” prepares the future ©Joël Barcy

30% youth unemployment

Training in the professions of the future with a varied level of skill responds to a double desire: to deal with youth unemployment in Marseille, which is close to 30%, and to prevent companies from going abroad for lack of personnel. HAS ” The platform “, currently located in premises in the heart of Marseille, the training lasts between 1 and 5 years. It ranges from web development to artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. The public is very different, a quarter does not have the BAC, 25% are in Bachelor or Master, the remaining half has the BAC. ” This mix of profiles is the richness of this school and its inclusive, integrating virtue », summarizes the president and founder of « The platform », Cyril Zimmerman.

Keys to learning

In the premises of The platform “, no lectures, work in “silo”, as sometimes in the big schools. Students are given keys to learning. They work in “project” mode. Each brings very different skills and educational or professional backgrounds to the group. Students no longer work in their own corner but as a team to take up challenges. On arrival they are more mobile, more agile. All are enthusiastic about their training. ” You can learn like in the best computer schools but in a public and free school », indicates Sylla Ibrahim in 1st year. ” We learn from others, we progress quickly with everyone’s knowledge “, estimates Thomas Doan who has a Bac + 5. “ I am immediately employable on leaving “, concludes Johan Bouguermouh, former graphic designer, in second year at the “Platform”.

A campus of 3,000 students

The platform records the growth of a startup. 50 students in 2019, 650 next year and 3,000 in 2025. To accommodate this number, a campus will be created on the Euromed 2 perimeter, not far from the CMA-CGM tower. ” We will have infrastructure for studying, a student residence, a concert hall, a cinema… We want to build a learning community. This structure will make it possible to train young people to meet the growing needs of VSEs and SMEs. “, specifies the president of the” The platform “.

The laying of the first stone of this 27,000 m² space located within the perimeter of Euromed 2 is scheduled for 2023 for delivery in 2025. Total cost of the operation €80 million.

Report Joel BARCY

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Marseille. The inclusive digital school ‘The Platform’ is growing to meet the needs of businesses

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