Meero: at the service of the image

Since its creation in 2016, Meero has supported one of the greatest digital transformations of our time: digital photography. Beyond a technological leap, it is also a social phenomenon that is shaking up the image sector.

In a world where 93% of consumers say that visuals are the decisive factor in their act of purchase, the visuals displayed to customers matter much more than the terms chosen. Meero’s proposition is simple: produce and beautify digital visual content worldwide. With its range of tools supported by in-house artificial intelligence technology capable of instantly evaluating and retouching large volumes of images, Meero helps brands produce, optimize and add value to their visual assets at any scale.
The solutions offered by Meero meet exponential image needs that had not been addressed until now. Not so long ago, visuals on marketplaces were generated by users, restaurateurs or hoteliers… Which gave rise to uneven and unrepresentative content, and therefore to incomprehensible and unattractive sites. A avenue that Meero knew how to take from the start to establish itself as a major player in the global production of visual content.

Meero: at the service of the image Meero

Fluidify the photography market

The company’s first goal was to free up time for photographers to focus their energy and time on the creative part. Thomas Rebaud, founder and CEO of Meero, realized that a photographer’s daily life is filled with tedious and time-consuming tasks, it’s nothing less than a waste of creative talent. This is why, from prospecting, invoicing, sorting, indexing, editing to the delivery of visuals, Meero takes care of everything that interferes with the main activity of photographers. In addition, by offering them regular projects for leading brands, Meero allows them a significant additional income of around $1000 per month.

Enable brands to optimize their growing volumes of visuals

Meero’s clients include marketplaces such as Expedia, Pages Jaunes and Deliveroo, or international groups such as L’Oréal and Louis Vuitton, all keen to photograph their products or sites according to specifications that remain same.

Meero offers its artificial intelligence platforms and solutions resulting from 5 years of research and development to companies that have to manage large volumes of visuals in order to help them produce, evaluate and optimize their content. It thus allows brands and marketplaces to manage and optimize their growing volumes of visuals with great simplicity.

A French nugget of Tech

Meero, which has experienced meteoric growth since its creation in 2016, has totaled nearly $300 million raised. It intends to continue to focus its efforts on the development of its proprietary algorithms to offer ever more precise, rapid and adapted responses to the requests of its partners. Services that have already attracted 31,000 customers, allowing it to post one of the strongest growths of the decade in Tech.

Five years after its creation, the company, which doubles its turnover every quarter, leads a network of 100,000 photographers and has 400 employees. It announces the recruitment of 200 new profiles in 2022.

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Meero: at the service of the image

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