Meeting with Charles-Darius Delaunay-Driquert, an inventor from Châlons

Charles-Darius appropriately wears the term iconoclast. Unclassifiable, this touch to touch has a crazy side, which, associated with his spirit of genius, allows him to slip into all trades, and to invent them. The globetrotter lives in Los Angeles, but also in New York, Paris or Geneva. And then, a little in Châlons, too. The thinker-creator has put his suitcases there – always intermittently – since confinement, to help with the family business, Dumont France Cave, in Mardeuil, near Épernay, and to be closer to his parents. It is in Madagascar, on the left bank, that he installed his nest and that he builds it piece by piece. Charles-Darius is not one to order a kitchen. No, he does it himself. Charles-Darius is not one to buy a fence either. There too, he creates it himself, in his image, and in black and white, one of his trademarks.

What he likes in Châlons? “His soothing side. We are cut off from the rest of the world, here, it creates a balance for me with cities in which things are happening all the time. »

What does he miss the most when he is in the city-prefecture? “The international cuisine and the fact that the days seem to repeat themselves, there is a redundancy which is difficult for me. »

His studies : he officially did not study. But in reality, he studies all the time on his own the subjects that fascinate him: human resources, fashion, design… The creative even defended a thesis entitled “How, through transhumanist thoughts and anthropometric sciences, can we improve the human condition? “.

His journey : He calls himself a global designer and strategist and has created a company called l’Atelier savant operating with a core of five people who can hire up to 80 employees depending on the project”).

His skills : Charles-Darius also works in artificial intelligence with his start-up Mobius. He also has his brand of accessories, jewelry, clothing and leather goods, simply called Charles Darius.

His projects : the creation of new technologies for the champagne industry.

His origins : multiple, like the number of ideas passing through his head. The thinker-creator is Iranian through his mother; the first name Darius refers to these origins. The cosmopolitan is also “Viking” by his father and Sicilian.

His sports to stay in shape : yoga (but without meditation! “When I meditate, I think about everything I have to do in the office, I just want to go straight to work”, says the business manager), cardio, cycling, martial arts, too.

Particularity : like many bosses or inventors, Charles-Darius sleeps very little and gets up at dawn around 4:30 a.m. to take advantage of the calm of the night.

Unusual : Charles-Darius always wonders about the fact that we are surprised to find …. a bathtub in his living room. “It’s very French or European, the fact of being surprised by that. I like to take my bath in my main room, I take advantage of its atmosphere! »

Where can we meet him? Charles-Darius will be at the Foire de Châlons in September to represent the family company Dumont France Cave.

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Meeting with Charles-Darius Delaunay-Driquert, an inventor from Châlons

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