METRON, DALKIA, BNP PARIBAS, and AWS launch “Decarb Fast Track”, an unprecedented European program to promote the decarbonization of industry and sobriety through energy savings – BNP Paribas

Paris, November 23, 2022 – The companies METRON, DALKIA, BNP PARIBAS and Amazon Web Services (AWS) launch the “Decarb Fast Track” program, jointly designed to facilitate access for industrial groups energy management and optimization tools. The ambition of this program is to save up to 100,000 tonnes of CO2 in equipping 100 selected industrial companies with an energy management solution.

The industrial sector represents approximately 20% of greenhouse gas emissions in France[1] and the decarbonization of industry is a major challenge for the economy and the environment. Faced with this observation and in a context of climate change and rising energy prices, METRON, DALKIA, BNP PARIBAS and AWS have decided to collaborate and mobilize their expertise within the “Decarb Fast Track” program, to help manufacturers to reduce their energy consumption and achieve a common goal of reducing CO2 emissions.

This program aims to accelerate the decarbonization of 100 industrial groups, through:
– 100 industrial groups selected to join the “Decarb Fast Track” program and benefit from privileged access to energy management and optimization tools;
– The implementation on selected industrial sites of an innovative “METRON” energy management solution hosted on AWS, which allows real-time analysis and monitoring of consumption and emissions;
– Personalized support for sites selected by METRON, DALKIA and BNP PARIBAS experts for two years to identify, implement or finance energy performance projects;
– A common reduction target to accelerate the energy transition of the selected industrial groups: save up to 100,000 tonnes of CO2. This represents up to 10% reduction in energy consumption on the selected sites.

Each partner company contributes to the “Decarb Fast Track” program, both financially and by making its expertise available to industrial sites. To date, 20 industrial companies have already expressed their interest in implementing this program and a total of 100 will be selected in the coming weeks by partner companies in France and the rest of Europe.

The “Decarb Fast Track” program thus aims to contribute to accelerating the decarbonization of the industrial sector and to encourage more industrial players to implement energy optimization strategies, a powerful and accessible lever for energetic transition. The “Decarb Fast Track” program has been recognized by the French public authorities and integrated into the industrial component of the national energy sobriety plan[2]. This initiative is intended to be a tangible demonstration of the potential of innovation for the decarbonization of industry, as well as the driving role that private actors can play in mobilizing for the ecological transition, through concrete large-scale actions.

Vincent Sciandra, CEO of METRON: “At METRON, our activities have been guided for almost 10 years by the search for impact. In the current context of the energy crisis and in the face of the climate emergency, it is essential to be able to facilitate the deployment of solutions allowing the implementation of action plans for energy saving and decarbonization quickly and effectively. »

Sylvie Jéhanno, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DALKIA: This program is an innovative response to the expectations of manufacturers to accelerate their energy transition and their decarbonization through the reduction of their energy consumption. Industry represents a significant part of energy use in France and artificial intelligence is an effective asset in addition to our cutting-edge expertise to go further in optimizing consumption and in energy sobriety. “.

Antoine Sire, Corporate Engagement Director, BNP PARIBAS Group: “Accelerating energy efficiency is essential in the transition to a ‘zero emissions’ economy. Through the ‘Decarb Fast Track’ program, we support large industrial companies in stepping up their efforts in favor of the climate. This is a necessity that is further reinforced by the current energy context. »

Julien Groues, Country Manager, AWS (France) : “We are delighted to support the ‘Decarb Fast Track’ initiative to help decarbonise French industry and greatly appreciate METRON’s leadership. This initiative is in line with Amazon’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2040. AWS is committed to running its business as efficiently as possible and providing solutions to its customers to reduce their own footprint. carbon. According to 451 Research, AWS’s infrastructure is up to five times more energy efficient than the average EU enterprise data center, due to the combination of more energy efficient servers, d increased server utilization and sustainable design excellence achieved by AWS infrastructure. METRON’s software solution is built on AWS, which will help ensure safety, innovation, and meeting sustainability goals for both users and METRON. »


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METRON, DALKIA, BNP PARIBAS, and AWS launch “Decarb Fast Track”, an unprecedented European program to promote the decarbonization of industry and sobriety through energy savings – BNP Paribas

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