Microsoft’s ambitions in education

For several months, Microsoft has been strengthening its education strategy and has even launched schools dedicated to cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. Céline Corno, head of philanthropy at Microsoft France, talks about the group’s various projects on training and employment.

Microsoft has made two observations: the first is that of a need for training for some people who do not necessarily find employment. The second ? The shortage of talent in certain sectors related to technology, such as artificial intelligence or cybersecurity. These are two sectors of the future in which the needs of companies will be significant in the coming years.

Faced with these two problems, the firm has decided to open several schools, throughout France, in order to train the talents of tomorrow. ” Our desire is to have a complementary approach to what is offered at university or engineering school. Master’s level training is not necessarily necessary for certain digital professions “says Céline Corno.

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Train job seekers in digital professions

With its schools of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, Microsoft is working to train job seekers to feed its partner companies who are looking for specialists in these subjects. ” We have made an inclusive bet to allow everyone to have the chance to work in digital. The training is free for participants, because it is financed by Pôle Emploi or the region and the host company. »

Microsoft’s inclusive approach is also based on a massive deployment of this type of school throughout France, the objective being to enable as many job seekers as possible to find work after their training. After its launch in 2018, the AI ​​school by Simplon has 50 promotions across the country and has trained 1,000 learners. Today, the cybersecurity school, which made its first start in 2022, is offered in Île-de-France, Brittany and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. This should be deployed more widely throughout France from the start of the next school year.

Training provided by Microsoft schools

To create its schools, Microsoft worked with Simplon, the actor who provides training for a period of six months. Students in these courses then continue on a work-study program with one of Microsoft’s partners. The firm has built a real ecosystem around itself to promote the employability of its students. ” Today, 84.4% of our learners have a job within six months of leaving the training. Among the 290 French organizations that welcome the participants of our training courses, we find public organizations as well as SMEs, start-ups, large groups or ESNs. »

In addition, Microsoft and Simplon have also adapted to their audience. Thus, the pedagogy adopted is intended to be very active and turned towards the practical dimension. ” Learners are people in retraining and they need to be operational as soon as they start work-study. They work on concrete business cases and, based on a brief, must solve the problem in a few days. »

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Microsoft initiatives in education

Microsoft has also deployed several initiatives to enable everyone to train in education, such as MOOCs, courses on LinkedIn Learning or Microsoft Learn. Anyone who wishes to specialize in digital now has the opportunity to do so, via the firm’s resources.

In addition, Microsoft has also set up a device called Skills for Jobs. It is an online platform that houses training content, but also a set of resources around more cross-functional professions such as that of project manager or salesperson, ” professions transformed by technology “.

Finally, the firm also attaches importance to reaching out to female talents, who are less represented in the digital professions. With the cybersecurity school, Microsoft has set up a boot camp of seven weeks as a prequalification stage: 40% of the participants were female participants. 18% of women have continued in the training provided by Simplon. Some ambassadors also intervene to work on subjects such as self-confidence or projection.

With its initiatives instilled in the four corners of the world, Microsoft’s objective is clear: the company does not want to replace existing establishments, but to offer an alternative to audiences that are not currently targeted, in other words, job seekers. . Moreover, schools and training are not intended to graduate future Microsoft employees, but really to irrigate the world of Tech with the talents it needs.

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Microsoft’s ambitions in education

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