Paris: Debate around the perspectives of economic ecosystems in Morocco

VShis meeting, initiated by the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) and MEM by CGEM, region of Moroccan entrepreneurs and high potentials of the world, was marked by the participation, among others, of the Minister of Economic Inclusion, of Small Business, Employment and Skills, Younes Sekkouri, the Ambassador of the Kingdom in Paris, Mohamed Benchaâboun, and the President of UM6P, Hicham El Habti.

The exchange, placed under the theme “innovation, digital and artificial intelligence”, was an opportunity to highlight the potential of the various national ecosystems, particularly in the digital sector, as well as the place of Morocco in its African surroundings. in the matter.

On this occasion, the Minister presented the latest developments in connection with the digital field in the Kingdom, in particular the last meeting held that same day on the investment charter and the TPME system, noting that these subjects are the subject of a very particular follow-up on the part of HM King Mohammed VI.

The minister noted that Morocco offers the necessary infrastructure for the development of digital ecosystems, including the investment charter, which provides aid for investments beyond 50 million dirhams, announcing that the government is working on other devices for investments of less than 50 million.

Sekkouri mentioned the existence now in Morocco of an interlocutor specially dedicated to entrepreneurs wishing to settle in the Kingdom, highlighting the proximity work advocated by the government in this area.

He said that the Executive is working at the same time on the finalization of a project concerning the State’s offer in connection with investment in Morocco intended for entrepreneurs in the diaspora, as well as companies which can export from Morocco, all sectors combined.

The Minister also stressed the importance of training human capital, recalling the efforts made by the Moroccan State, through various programs such as ”Idmaj” intended to promote employment and business competitiveness and integration.

There is also ”Tahfiz”, which aims to help companies recruit young graduates, through a first professional experience, by offering exemptions from social charges for companies and exemptions from social and tax charges for employee-trainees and à la carte training, which allows companies to personalize and adapt the content of the training according to their needs, as well as the “Awrach” program, a specific program linked to the Covid-19 pandemic .

For his part, Benchaâboun stressed the need for start-ups to change their strategy to project themselves beyond national borders, calling on companies to be sharp in their projects in the wake of ever-increasing international competitiveness. ‘accentuate.

He indicated that the different ecosystems need to be complemented by pitch-skills within the framework, for Moroccan start-ups, of a change of mind and vision in their international development.

The ambassador insisted on the importance of financing and the need to complete the ecosystems by supporting the banking system in order to be able to overcome a certain number of obstacles, coupled with training, which remains fundamental.

The diplomat also stressed the need to create an optimal environment to be able to attract investors from the Moroccan diaspora, calling on them to “think globally and to think Africa from Morocco”.

The meeting, held within the framework of the DigiTech commission set up by the MEM by CGEM, and chaired by the young entrepreneur Karim Basrire, was marked by exchanges between the panelists and the audience, made up particularly of start-upers from Ile de France, but also other French cities.

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Paris: Debate around the perspectives of economic ecosystems in Morocco

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