Popwork raises funds to become “an intelligent management assistant”

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The Popwork start-up has won 1.5 million euros with its SaaS platform to support managers in interactions with team members. “The first reason for the departure of an employee is related to management”, says CEO and co-founder Quentin Demeestère.

The 3 founders of Popwork: Florian Le Merrer, Johann Molinari and Quentin Demeestère – © DR

How to transform management practices when it was necessary to evolve with the context of the Covid-19 crisis (teleworking, hybrid work organization)?

The Parisian start-up Popwork completes €1.5m seed round with :

  • Evolem (family office of Bruno Rousset, founder of April),
  • 20 business angelsincluding management specialists such as Guillaume Alary (CRO co-founder of 360Learning), Thibault Lanthier (founder MonDocteur), Ludovic Girodon (management expert).

The funding will be used to continue the development of the SaaS platform and to strengthen the team from 8 to 15 people by the end of the first quarter of 2023.

“Assistant” position for manager

Popwork focuses on managing relationships between managers and employees.

According to a study carried out internally to assess the needs of companies, the 3 founders – Florian Le Merrer, Johann Molinari and Quentin Demeestère – start from the observation that:

  • 2 out of 3 managers have difficulty managing their teams;
  • 1 employee out of 2 leaves their company because of their manager.

“With the rise of telecommuting and the hybrid organization of work, local management is decisive for employee commitment and performance and team retention. According to our studies, most managers feel alone on these subjects and lack time. In the end, it’s badly done. Often, the first reason for the departure of an employee is related to management,” declares Quentin Demeestère who holds the position of CEO.

The SaaS platform, accessible by subscription (8 euros excluding tax per month and per active user) and hosted by Google Cloud Platform in Brussels, is intended to become “a real smart assistant for managers and executives”. A first MVP appeared in May 2020.

Gateway with HRIS: a priority in the product roadmap

The conversation between the manager and the employee, carried out asynchronously, is initiated in 3 stages:

  • employee check-in. “The manager invites the employee to Popwork, in order to bring up the important topics under discussion (achievement, impressions, sticking points, etc.)”says Quentin Demeestère.
  • The Popwork workspace allows you to identify the most important topics for you, –
  • Definition of action plans to be established with the employee.

“We return the elements to the manager and set an agenda in order to start the discussion with the employee so that it is richer and more effective. We help them define the next steps and concrete actions”says Quentin Demeestère.

“Recently, we developed a dashboard for directors and HRDs which serves as an instrument for steering the management practices of their organisations. This makes it possible to disseminate good practices within the teams. »

“In the current state, we are not connected in the HRIS. This is one of the priorities in our product roadmap. »

Popwork: visual of the interface - © DR

Popwork: visual of the interface – © DR

Markets: priority to France

Since the creation of the start-up in April 2020, 200 companies with SME or group profiles have deployed Popwork in their teams:

  • Leroy Merlin,
  • Blue Dragonfly,
  • The Express,
  • PrestaShop,
  • Body guard.

“These are mainly companies with between 50 and 250 employees. We are starting wider deployments in larger group departments. For example, for TotalEnergies, we cover the Data and Tech division (120 employees)”, says Quentin Demeestère.

“Our objective is to develop the technology and the relevance of our Popwork solution and the business by multiplying by 2 or even 3 the number of customers. We are going to focus on our development on the French market, but we are still listening to our customers: 82% of them are present internationally,” says Quentin Demeestère.

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Popwork raises funds to become “an intelligent management assistant”

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