Private Markets – elqano raises nine hundred thousand euros to optimize knowledge sharing in companies thanks to artificial intelligence

elqano democratizes access to knowledge in companies, and today announces a fundraising of 900,000 euros from Side Capital and banking partners.

The French start-up has developed a software solution that facilitates and accelerates knowledge sharing in the company thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms. In concrete terms, an employee of a company can ask any question: elqano identifies the competent employee to answer their questions and provide them with answers in real time, wherever they are, within their entity, in another subsidiary or even in another country.

“Mobilizing the expertise and knowledge of each employee has been one of the top priorities for companies in recent years. Collective intelligence is an essential lever for supporting business transformation and creating sustainable performance. My goal is to make each employee more independent and fulfilled in their work by allowing them to access the knowledge of their colleagues effortlessly. » Explains Yann Echeverria, CEO of elqano

At a time of widespread telework and the hunt for talent, organizations must rethink their working methods and more generally their internal culture. It’s a fact, with the health crisis, companies have noticed a lack of cohesion on the part of employees: 56% of employees felt disconnected from their colleagues according to a study carried out by Capgemini “The Future of Work: from remote to hybrid”.

Elqano puts the knowledge of each employee at the heart of the company and proves to be a facilitator of exchanges and synergies between teams. The solution creates links and promotes cooperation between teams, subsidiaries and countries of the same entity.

The elqano solution has convinced prestigious customers in France, Germany and the United States. It is now used by several thousand employees around the world.

A fundraiser to give a boost to the start-up

Thanks to this fundraising, elqano will continue its development by recruiting new sales to accelerate its growth in Europe and two developers to continue improving its solution by going further in Natural Language Processing techniques.

Main strengths of the elqano solution:

  • The solution maps, the expertise and skills of each by AI without the need to inform them.
  • The solution optimizes and decompartmentalizes the sharing of expertise by connecting employees who work in similar areas of expertise without knowing each other.
  • elqano has a positive impact on collective productivity, improves production quality and saves employees time.
  • The solution is completely embedded in the reference communication tool Microsoft Teams and can be deployed to thousands of users quickly.
  • Customers are trained and supported by Customer Success Manager and IT contacts.

“elqano is a promising French Tech start-up that offers a particularly effective knowledge-sharing solution that naturally appealed to us. » Renaud Guillerm Managing Partner, Side Capital

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Private Markets – elqano raises nine hundred thousand euros to optimize knowledge sharing in companies thanks to artificial intelligence

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