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We know that there is a shortage of nurses and teachers, in particular because of the low retention rate for these professions. Artificial intelligence is also in full development and we are beginning to see the extent of the possibilities it creates. These are of course areas of the future, but there are others that we hear less about. Here are some examples.

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Martine Letarte

Martine Letarte
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When we think about the sectors that have a great need for workers, we do not spontaneously think of the film production sector. However, talent is in high demand, especially because this area covers much more than cinema.

“There is a multiplication of platforms, so this creates an increased need for content creation, whether for TV series, web series or web capsules,” explains Martin Lefebvre, director of the Mel-Hoppenheim Film School. from Concordia University.

And the needs start with the creation of scenarios. A short screenwriting and film production program was created at Concordia last year in English and this year it will also be offered in French.

“Scriptwriting needs in Quebec are primarily on the French-speaking side,” explains Martin Lefebvre.

The three-course microprogram, which takes place in one semester in person or in virtual mode, will be offered in the winter session and the summer session.

Professions of the future All round needs


Concordia University offers programs for the film industry.

Concordia University has also developed a short program in digital film production in English which will be offered starting in the summer. “We will show the basis of the work to succeed in making a film, from the camera to the lighting, including the sound and the editing”, says Martin Lefebvre.

In 2024, the academic institution will also offer a certificate in film production. “It’s almost the equivalent of our bachelor’s degree in film production after removing the concentration and option courses, in addition to having synthesized the material,” says Martin Lefebvre.

To be admitted to these micro-programs and this certificate, prior studies are not assessed: all you have to do is convince the selection committee with a letter of intent.

With different initiatives, Concordia University’s Mel-Hoppenheim School of Cinema will triple the capacity of its film production programs by 2024. Other projects are in development, including a drone camera course.

Social networks

Another area whose needs can be underestimated is that of social networks. “Managing a company’s social media is a big responsibility because in many cases, the company’s entire brand image goes through that,” says Sylvain Desrochers, head of the certificate in advertising and creative communication at the University of Montreal, which was revamped in 2020 to better prepare students for a position as a social media manager.

Of course, the certificate allows the student to acquire certain technical skills, but it also leads him to develop a broader vision of the profession.

To manage social networks, you have to be able to intervene on a host of subjects. The person practically becomes an ambassador for the company. She must know it well as well as all the environment in which she evolves. You also have to be able to adjust to different audiences. This is a role that is becoming increasingly crucial.

Sylvain Desrochers, responsible for the certificate in advertising and creative communication at the University of Montreal


With hardly a week that goes by without a company victim of data theft making headlines, McGill University has just created two certificates in cybersecurity — one at the undergraduate and one at the graduate level. .

“Also, the Government of Canada introduced cybersecurity legislation in June and companies want to prepare for it, so every week I receive requests from companies in different fields who want to train employees in cybersecurity. says Ben Fung, director of the graduate certificate in cybersecurity at McGill University.

He adds that companies are also well aware that if they are hacked, it is very bad for business.

Both of these certificates are offered online so that they can be taken by people across the country and even around the world. They will allow people to acquire enough knowledge in cybersecurity to be able to start a new career in the field.

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Professions of the future | All-round needs

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