Recruitment: the Feel Good label awarded to 27 companies

The recruitment firm,, has officially rewarded 27 companies, awarding them the Feel Good label. The event took place in particular, last week, in a festive atmosphere, in a large palace in Casablanca. These companies, large and small, have been rewarded for engaging in a recruitment process that places the well-being of their teams at work above all else. has just given a serious boost to the new employment ecosystem, which it set up last year in Morocco with its “Feel Good” affinity recruitment tool. The recruitment firm has officially rewarded 27 companies, awarding them the Feel Good label. The event took place in particular, last week, in a festive atmosphere, in a large palace in Casablanca.

The opportunity for Alexandra Montant, deputy general manager of Rekrute to thank the winners and to remind the audience, essentially made up of HRDs, that “this first edition of the awarding of the Feel Good label is organized to reward companies, large as well as small companies, which have in common a genuinely committed reflection on the well-being at work of their teams, even before their integration into the company.

The Feel Good label rewards companies that care about the well-being of their employees, even before their integration. It is a solution to better meet the post-Covid expectations of candidates, in search of meaning and happiness at work, and a tool that makes it possible to define the optimal cultural match between the candidate and the company, and thus promotes the candidates’ well-being at work.

Another way to recruit
The companies that make up the very first contingent of Feel Good 2022 labels include: ARCOL, AXA, BANK OF AFRICA, BMCI, CGI, COFACE, CONSTELLIO, DELOITTE, DISTY, DOCAPOSTE, ECA ASSURANCES, IMPRIMA, INETUM, INTERLUX, KOLIBRI TECHNOLOGIES, ORANGE BUSINESS SERVICES MOROCCO, PwC SERVICES, RENAULT, RICHBOND, SAFRAN NACELLES, SITEL GROUP, SOREC, STELLANTIS, TAPTAP SEND, VENTEC, WEBHELP, YAZAKI. They belong to the Feel Good ecosystem, which is made up of workers who have found a job that makes sense and brings them happiness, and recruiters who have found employees who engage and perform in the projects of the company that recruited them.

Indeed, the Feel Good label is the final block of the 4K artificial intelligence solution deployed just after the Covid by ReKrute to meet the new needs and challenges of the market. On the one hand, there are “resigning” candidates en masse across the world.

Candidates in search of meaning and happiness at work, now refusing to work in companies with which they do not share the same values. Assets indisputably in active search of transparency on the culture of the company, and this even before embarking on a recruitment process, in order to thus guarantee that their choice is the right one.

And on the other hand, there are recruiters who have realized that the world has changed, that yesterday’s recruitment based solely on skills could no longer exist!

Ready “talents” to develop
This is how we are witnessing the emergence of companies looking for “talent” ready to develop in the position, but above all for committed and efficient employees, and therefore in line with their long-term vision, but even more, with the DNA of the company, its culture! With Feel Good technology, and the Feel Good Label now, candidates can now define their values ​​on ReKrute and discover the ideal corporate culture for them.

But even more, they can know in one click which companies to turn to to be happy and fulfilled naturally. Companies can also more easily identify their “talents” of tomorrow after having modeled their corporate culture. And this happens from the application to the announcement, or even before, by accessing the page dedicated to “Feel Good Companies” where they can find, by decreasing matching, the labeled companies with which they will best match on the values .

“Transparency on the part of companies on their corporate culture, but also a process of reflection around the well-being at work of their future teams that we had to promote to candidates,” says Alexandra.

A very promising
Let’s recall more concretely how it works at After determining the culture of the company, sends it profile recommendations based on their Matching 4K score, its intelligent recruitment tool.

These recommendations relate, in particular, to the score and the “Feel Good” report, detailing the key values ​​of the candidate, which will allow him to define how judicious it will be to recruit him; the Kapacity Revealer score, indicating the candidate’s match to the soft skills expected for the position, and the full candidate report, as well as the Fine Tune Pro score, which measures the professional match to the skills, experiences and demographics requested. As a reminder, there are four types of corporate culture: cooperation, organization, innovation and competition.

For example, a company that has a performance-oriented culture (competition) is a company that relies on competitiveness and reputation as a guarantee of success. Its values ​​are excellence, competitiveness and customer orientation. So, its collaborators must be pugnacious, ambitious and have a fighting spirit and a taste for challenges.

Another example, a company whose culture is centered on innovation, relies above all on creativity and experimentation. Its values ​​are creativity, intrapreneurship and agility. Its employees must be curious, open-minded, agile and like taking risks.

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Recruitment: the Feel Good label awarded to 27 companies

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