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SailPoint Identity Security Cloud goes beyond Identity Governance to deliver innovation, flexibility, and scalability to all businesses.

SailPoint Technologies Holdings, Inc.the leader in enterprise identity security, today unveiled at its Navigate annual conference new innovations introduced in the SailPoint Identity Security Cloud solution.

With these updates, SailPoint enables enterprises to go beyond the traditional approach to identity governance. No more after-the-fact review, focus on the forward-looking approach to access management. To do this, the platform leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies that accelerate and standardize access risk measurement across the enterprise. These technologies automate complex identity security processes, reducing both cost and business risk while improving productivity.

Increasingly complex digital environments

Businesses today face the challenge of managing tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of digital identities said Grady Summers, Executive Vice President, Products of SailPoint. ” This exponential growth has only increased the complexity of today’s digital environments. Add to that issues like understaffing, increasingly complicated compliance regulations, and the rising cost of cyber insurance, it can be hard to know where to start. Our goal has always been to help our customers not only meet these challenges, but also largely rewrite their identity security playbook – moving the paradigm from complex to sophisticated to simple to use. All in all, this helps improve the user experience and operational efficiency that our customers demand and deserve. »

Additional intelligence features have been added to SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, including contextual access anomaly insights and persona-based reporting. This insight is powered by AI and builds on the legacy of SailPoint, which pioneered the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in identity security. Its platform now generates an industry-first so-called “outlier” score with deep contextual insights, normalizing access measurement and providing deep insight into access anomalies. Comprehensive persona-based dashboards and reports allow easy visualization of data, making it easier for stakeholders (internal auditors, identity program managers, etc.) to understand and analyze information.

New SaaS Workflow Models

In addition to these new intelligence features, SailPoint has released new SaaS workflow templates. These help businesses automate tasks across systems. For example, they can identify and remove access to unused SaaS applications based on activity data. They can also automatically generate an access review, using the new “outlier score”. Thus, these new models will allow organizations to improve the efficiency and security of their identity systems.

SailPoint’s recently released “Horizons of Identity” report indicates that the number of identities in use will only grow over the next 3-5 years. SailPoint Identity Security Cloud is designed to meet these large-scale needs. It addresses demands for more robust automation capabilities, allowing administrators to automate complex and repetitive identity security processes. This extends to identifying and de-provisioning underutilized SaaS accounts, notifying or disabling accounts when outliers are detected, and certifying access for uncorrelated accounts.

These features not only strengthen security controls, but also help organizations comply with regulations through automatic certification of orphan accounts. This ability to demonstrate safety compliance is particularly important: depending on the wall street journal, the cost of obtaining or renewing cyber insurance has increased by 79% over the past year. Demonstrating basic security capabilities can help keep premiums lower. Simplifying compliance also creates a friendlier environment, freeing up administrators for more interesting and productive tasks.

Faced with an increasingly complex threat landscape, we struggle to cope with growing risks said Joshua Brown, global head of information security at H&R Block. ” Identity security is fundamental to securing access and defending against breaches. We need an identity platform that provides actionable insights and gives us the ability to automate critical processes. With SailPoint, we are excited to leverage their next-generation approach to identity security, which is so critical to protecting our business today.. »

With its “out-of-the-box” integration features, SailPoint Identity Security works seamlessly with existing security tools. It also allows customers to get up and running quickly. This combination of advanced intelligence, automation, and integration features will allow SailPoint Identity Security Cloud to efficiently manage access to new applications and resources as they are added to user environments. This innovation and scalability is why SailPoint is trusted by 59% of the world’s most prestigious brands according to Forbes and continues to be at the forefront of identity security.

To learn more about SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, or to schedule a demo, click here.

About SailPoint

The ability to manage and secure identities today has far exceeded human capabilities. SailPoint, the leader in identity governance, provides an innovative approach to enterprise identity and access security. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, SailPoint’s identity security platform always provides the right level of access. Today’s businesses, even cloud-centric, can ensure everyone has the exact access they need, at the right time. SailPoint’s intelligent, standalone, and integrated solutions put identity security at the heart of online business operations. SailPoint enables the most complex organizations to establish a security foundation capable of defending themselves against today’s most pressing threats, anywhere in the world.

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SailPoint Identity Security reviews the basics of Identity Governance » PACA’s economic and political newsletter

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