Salt: artificial intelligence creates its first film, and you can participate –

Salt is a film entirely created by artificial intelligence. Find out everything you need to know about this revolutionary project, and how to contribute by voting for the continuation of the scenario.

At first sight, Salt is reminiscent of 70s sci-fi movies. We find in particular spaceships filmed in 35 mm and extraterrestrial landscapes a little kitsch. However, in reality, the way this film is being created represents a new direction for the future of the cinema industry…

Behind this film hides Fabian Stelzer: an artificial intelligence enthusiast. For several months, the man has been sharing on his Twitter account a series of scenes created using AI.

A film created using AI tools for creating images, texts and voices

Using Text-to-Art image synthesizer tools like MidJourney or DALL-E, Stelzer creates images. For the dubbing of the voices, he mainly uses voice generation tools like Synthesia or Murf. And for writing the script, it uses the GPT-3 text generator developed by OpenAI.

For now, Salt’s scenario remains unclear. If the trailer is to be believed, the main subject will be the distant planet Kaplan 3, where an overabundance of mineral salt is causing trouble and endangering a spaceship. However, there seem to be multiple story arcs and even temporal anomalies.

In any case, the first scenes presented are both beautiful, mysterious and sinister. Each scene lasts less than two minutes, in order to respect the maximum length of 2 minutes 20 set by Twitter.

From time to time, Stelzer also shares a still image with a caption. This contributes to reinforce the mystery that drapes this project…

An idea inspired by images created with MidJourney

salt extract

It is by experimenting using MidJourney that Salt’s idea germinated in Stelzer’s mind. This artificial intelligence makes it possible to create images from simple text entered by the user. To find out more, find our complete file on MidJourney at this address.

While playing around with MidJourney, Stelzer realized that the texts he was feeding the AI ​​were starting to look like the universe of a movie. Among other things, it described alien vegetation, a mysterious figure hidden in the darkness, and a strange research station on an arid planet. One of the generated images appeared to include salt crystals…

By observing this world created from scratch, lots of story ideas were beginning to appear in his mind. Or as he puts it himself, shadows of ideas and seeds of stories ».

How to participate by voting for the rest of the scenario?

In addition to artificial intelligence, Stelzer invites the audience to contribute in the creation of his film. After each new scene shared on the networks, spectators can vote to decide what happens next.

The poll results are directly incorporated into the synopsis of the following episodes, and the AI ​​allows them to be carried out much faster than with traditional methods.

This project already includes a community of enthusiasts, and his official Twitter account is followed by several thousand followers. Some have asked Stelzer to teach them how to create films with the same technique.

Among them is Savannah Niles of virtual reality company Magnopus. She is convinced that Salt is a prototype of the future of storytellingfeaturing AI-created movies that allow viewers to actively participate.

Similarly, Professor David Gunkel of Northern Illinois University plans to use Salt to learn computer creativity to his students during a course on communication technologies. Previously, he had used the 2016 film “Sunspring” which is considered the first film whose script was written using an AI.

salt vessel

Who is Fabian Stelzer?

Fabian Stelzer co-founded artificial intelligence company EyeQuant in 2009, before selling it in 2018. On the other hand, he initially did not know much about filmmaking.

So he started learning on his own with software, and created the trailer for ” Salt » shared on Twitter on June 14, 2022. A few days later, the “first episode” was released.

Eventually, Stelzer hopes bring together the different chapters to make it a real feature film. Ambitious, he even started to create a company specifically dedicated to the creation of films using AI.

salt interior ship

AI will allow anyone to create their own movie

The experiment conducted by Stelzer demonstrates how artificial intelligence could revolutionize the movie industry. AI tools now allow anyone to produce images, texts or voices. Anyone can bring their ideas to life.

In an interview with CNN, Stelzer explains that he was able to create his film from his accommodation in Berlin. According to him, AI makes execution as easy as the idea.

However, AI authoring tools challenge the very notion of creation and creator. In August 2022, the victory of a drawing created by MidJourney during an art competition sparked controversy.

Whatever, this is just the beginning. Even if the general public is not yet interested in AI generators, the biggest technology companies are following this phenomenon closely…

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Salt: artificial intelligence creates its first film, and you can participate –

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