SAP: will the enterprise software leader pay salaries in cryptocurrencies?

Through its branch linked to the incubation of startups, SAP will support the development of five companies linked to the fields of cryptocurrencies, the metaverse and artificial intelligence. Among them, we find BitPay, which is known to allow you to convert part of your salary into cryptocurrencies.

SAP takes a keen interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Through its investment arm, SAP revealed earlier this week that it would support five projects related to cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence and the metaversein a twelve-week mentorship program.

The enterprise software specialist will thus deliver its advice to support the development of these players, among whom we find BitPay. The latter is particularly famous for its services allowing you to convert part of your salary into cryptocurrencies.

Although no statement explicitly attests to this, speculation is open to find out whether or not SAP will choose to go further in this partnership and give this opportunity to its employees.

Other companies joining this program are Beem, Gmetri, Talespin and Veremark. Each of them having its own specialties in the fields mentioned above.

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A global giant seduced by the blockchain

SAP is known to be one of the leaders in software called “Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP). An ERP, also called Integrated Management Software, accompanies a company across its entire supply chainfrom entering orders to shipping them.

The German company is already familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies. Last year, it was already one of 81 of the 100 largest companies in the world to use blockchain., the branch of SAP related to developments and project incubation, claims have helped more than 450 internal or external startups since 2017.

When we know that the blockchain will be more and more present in the daily life of companies in the years to come, it is therefore logical that the German group is interested in it. Indeed, to keep its leading position, SAP must be able to integrate into its catalog, solutions related to technologies brought by cryptocurrencies.

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SAP: will the enterprise software leader pay salaries in cryptocurrencies?

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