SentinelOne, detect and block computer threats

With its comprehensive enterprise-wide security platform, SentinelOne enables threat prevention, detection, and remediation across all enterprise assets.

2021 was the year of all records in terms of cyberattacks. Ever more sophisticated attacks target the workstation, identity, e-mail, network, etc. The adoption of a hybrid working model, alternating face-to-face and remote, is taking hold, making systems even more fragile.

To counter these threats, it is now essential not only to have an arsenal of powerful tools but to ensure that they are interoperable to block the attack at all levels. Thus, ensuring that security products simply integrate with each other, regardless of the vendor, has become essential to gaining efficiency and performance in terms of security, which is why XDR (eXtended Detection and Response) is about to become the norm.

Detect and block computer threats Sentinel One

XDR technology

To automatically detect and respond to malicious activity, Sentinel One has developed a platform based on artificial intelligence.

Called Singularity XDR (eXtended Detection and Response), it allows an approach that centralizes the events reported by all security solutions to automate and accelerate the detection, investigation and response to threats, all things impossible to implement. when the platforms do not communicate with each other. Singularity XDR makes it easy to visualize the attack scenario, to establish the context, a detailed diagram and chronology of the operating mode to understand the attack while proposing remediation actions on the entire IS. The platform thus saves time for IT teams who no longer need to mobilize in large numbers for events that may prove to be insignificant and who gain in responsiveness thanks to the speed of the machine.

A 360° vision of the IS

The visibility offered by Singularity XDR makes it possible to detect and counter classic cyberattacks, such as ransomware, but also, at the heart of SentinelOne’s response, attacks that can be triggered later. More subtle, the latter can hide for a very long time in the IS. However, the most frequent flaws are not those that are discovered but rather those that remain hidden.

SentinelOne enriches its offer with an autonomous real-time security layer on a large part of the company’s assets. With a view to benefiting from 360° visibility of the IS, Singularity XDR synchronizes the security information of workstations, servers, mobiles and connected objects in the central console. It also keeps all the data collected for a period of up to 365 days. The objective is to combine the investigation of data on machines and in the Data Lake (centralized database of system and security logs) to produce contextualized analyzes that are both broad, detailed and actionable by security teams. .

Automated threat response

Sentinel One technology is able to make decisions independently, both for IS installed in the cloud but also on site. An important aspect for organizations that wish, for security reasons, to keep control over their data infrastructure. Singularity XDR and thus be able to alternate between a “detection” and “protection” mode. In all cases, the platform identifies the threat, inform the organization and block it immediately before deletion. The installation of an intelligent agent at each entry point to the IS makes it possible to protect the IS 24 hours a day while achieving economies of scale on management and maintenance.

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SentinelOne, detect and block computer threats

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