SOS TRIZZY, the first zero-waste escape game in France is coming!

Launch of SOS TRIZZYthe first zero-waste escape game in France!

As part of the European Sustainable Development Week, Trizzy and Greater Poitiers launch the first edition of SOS Trizzy Friday September 30 and Saturday October 1 in Poitiers, on the Place du Maréchal-Leclerc in front of the Hôtel de Ville.

It is the first escape game dedicated to raising awareness among the inhabitants of the territory of Grand Poitiers on the waste reduction and management. Co-organized with Code 60specialist in the creation of personalized escape games, this event is totally free and aims to mobilize citizens around environmental issues and the use of resources in a fun way.

Your mission ? Craft the antidote to save Trizzy!

In this month of October 2191, after several centuries of excess, the Earth is out of breath. Pollution, species extinctions, climate change and other natural disasters now punctuate our daily lives. Trizzy is one of the very last living pandas. Unfortunately after eating polluted bamboo, he was diagnosed seriously ill, his hours are numbered. You have 90 minutes to find the antidote before it’s too late. Will you be able to solve the puzzles and avoid the traps to save Trizzy!

The objectives of SOS Trizzy :

1. Combine a technological innovation and use, by coupling a virtual assistant and an escape game:

makingzero-waste and circular economy commitment its spearhead, Grand Poitiers Urban Community has developed a set of actions to support the adoption of new habits conducive to ecological transition. In July 2019, aware of the need to strengthen its commitments, the Collectivity called on the start-up Trizzy to design the first assistant zero-waste which guides users in the waste management and reduction. Concretely, the conversational robot intervenes directly on the website of the urban community by answering all the questions of the inhabitants concerning the waste (sorting instructions, recycling center schedules, obtaining a composter, etc.)). Equipped with an artificial intelligence brick that recognizes more than 3,500 pieces of waste, the coach has recorded several thousand searches since its launch. Trizzy thus encourages people to do the right thing, whether for sorting, reducing waste or consuming differently. In order to democratize this solution and to adopt the right gestures in a fun way, the community has associated the physical with the digital by offering its inhabitants the use of the chatbot to live a unique and entertaining experience: a zero-waste escape gamefree and general public over two days, on the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville in Poitiers.

2. Raise awareness, captivate and unite the inhabitants aroundenvironmental issues :

Matured for two years, this device offers 10 simultaneous gaming sessions, per group of 5 players. The start of the game is Place de l’Hôtel de Ville in Poitiers, for a period of 1h30, in order to solve 5 puzzles. The goal? Find the antidote that will save Trizzy, one of the last pandas of his species still alive and seriously ill after eating polluted bamboo. Players are invited to go to the Greater Poitiers site and use Trizzy to play, find the places where the events are taking place and get clues. To succeed in fulfilling this mission, they must imperatively redouble their vigilance to thwart the pitfalls: the slightest waste increases the rate of water and air pollution and can be fatal for the animal. At the end of the game, the results of each team add up, a way for Trizzy to spread an important message: the collective makes it possible to make things happen.

For Grand Poitiers, the objectives of this event are multiple. It’s a question of discovering in a fun and stimulating way simple habits to adopt in order to reduce the waste generated on a daily basis and better preserve resources. But it is also a question of making people discover the Trizzy module so that the inhabitants become familiar with this tool, key to answering questions related to the treatment of waste in the agglomeration. By offering innovative tools and stimulating initiatives, we want to offer concrete solutions that address serious topics in a fun and positive way.

– Romain Bouiller, founder of Trizzy

About Trizzy :

Trizzy is a solidarity company of social utility – ESUS approved – committed to the environment.

His goal ? Accompany in the waste management and reductionFavoriting the local circular economy, the reuse and the social link. The start-up offers a ecosystem of innovative solutions: digital (chatbot, widget, dynamic map, etc.), physical (escape game mobile zero-waste) or events (zero waste festival, treasure hunt, giant escape game, etc., to make the subject accessible to everyone. Their tools aim to change behavior through playful and engaging communication. Today, the team of 9 people is based in Angoulême and Bordeaux. Together, they support around twenty communities throughout France, as far as Guadeloupe or Tahiti.

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SOS TRIZZY, the first zero-waste escape game in France is coming!

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