Stonal: cornerstone of asset management

By setting up a digital model, born from the centralization of the data of its clients’ assets and the use of artificial intelligence, Stonal is developing a tool that combines compliance with environmental objectives and improved performance.

Stonal, the world is Stonal

Founded by Michel Tolila and Jean-Maurice Oudot under the name of FoncièreNumérique, Stonal has come a long way in five years. In 2020, the change of identity with the new name of the company, resulting from the contraction of stone and digital, confirms the international scope of the group, as well as the acquisition of the software publisher Labéo, which has been developing its technical asset management software, Abyla, for twenty-five years. Stonal’s business is based on productivity gains, as well as the valuation of assets held by its customers, as Robin Rivaton, the start-up’s new CEO, attests: “The property manager will play the role of spur. He is the player best placed to advise the asset manager to use this or that technological solution, because he knows what works best. The digitization of heritage is the essential step to create this value.”

Data, an unused source of information

In a sector where data is very often disseminated, without being used or even collected, Stonal wishes to put the data at the heart of wealth management to leverage the potential of assets. Following the centralization of all the data, the AbylaOne platform forms a digital avatar of all the clients’ assets, which takes into account the documents related to the entire building, its components, the different stages of its design, or its rehabilitation projects.

Kill two birds with one stone

The platform saves substantial time, as Robin Rivaton explains on BFMTV: “A building is 4,000 documents, a few years ago it was days of analysis, today artificial intelligence can read them in a few minutes.” The tool is also part of an environmental perspective through the verification of the compliance of assets with the standards in force which, according to the current CEO of Stonal, “automatically produces SRI/ESG indicators, monitors regulatory compliance, manages investment and renovation plans, pools and optimizes purchases”. One of the stated objectives is to avoid the brown discount, a phenomenon leading to the devaluation of a building that does not meet energy standards. The proposal has already won over a clientele aware of the profound transformations that the real estate market is currently experiencing, such as the president of Euryale Asset Management, Jean-Jacques Olivié, according to whom, “even more than working on the flow, it is necessary to concentrate on the stock to be renovated, which it is a question of upgrading with an ambitious policy of qualification, environmental improvement and control by the implementation of ‘indicators’.

A future set in stone

The start-up has 120 employees and 130 customers in France and Europe, and continues to grow with new hires following its recent fundraising of 20 million euros, including 40 employees in tech only, while considering the recruitment of 50 other people. Management wants to be ambitious, with a growth target set at 100 million euros within five years, compared to 10 million in 2021. To this end, the company intends to step up its European expansion, with priority given to markets. Germans and English, the largest on the continent with France.

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Stonal: cornerstone of asset management

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