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L’Credibility Institute spear Rating361, the first online dashboard with customizable indicators according to client strategies. It is a powerful tool intended for companies wishing to qualitatively measure their performance in terms of strategic communication both internally and externally, as well as in public relations. This tool also includes management of stakeholders and target audiences using the most innovative mapping.

The dashboard was entirely developed in Montreal for 19 months by a team of seven people, specializing in communication and the development of technological solutions. This first version of the dashboard was funded with private venture capital and debt capital, with no government assistance.

The use of artificial intelligence AI (which will be gradually implemented by the end of the year) to measure trust, credibility, reputation and corporate responsibility, as well as for the content analysis, was to date very limited in the world of communications evaluation. AI will also make it possible to measure the return on investment of communication and public relations strategies.

“We are very happy to offer companies an online dashboard with a solid qualitative assessment of their intangible assets with performance indicators. This innovative project provides a new, more advanced way of evaluating corporate communications with continuous monitoring of the indicators and the return on investment, favored by companies”, announces Stephane Prud’hommefounding president of theCredibility Institute.

Integrated and innovative solution for communications assessment
The customizable dashboard allows managers to rely on a turnkey strategic tool to analyze communication, public relations, and marketing. More precisely, Rating361 produces trust, credibility, corporate responsibility and reputation scores by divisions and business markets; and in a few months, it will facilitate the analysis of press coverage and online content on an ongoing basis using AI. This tool also integrates management of stakeholders and target audiences in different strategies using a revised and corrected mapping methodology, as communicators have never seen it.

“Companies in all industries need a quantitative and qualitative assessment of their communication strategy in order to make the right decisions. Key Performance Indicators and AI Rating361 will allow them to have all the necessary elements for an informed decision-making”, mentions Stephane Prud’homme.

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The Credibility Institute launches an innovative tool | News attic

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