The Digital Pets Company launches digital dogs for the metaverse

The Digital Pets Company wants to launch AI-driven 3D digital dogs as companions in the metaverse.

The Digital Pets Company will launch digital dogs, secured as non-fungible tokens like companions in the metaverse. To commercialize its technology, the company has raised funds from Outlier Ventures, Hawk Digital, MaxStealth and dRafi Gidron. Additionally, the startup is in talks with other potential investors. Persistent-state interoperable digital companions will enable owners to interact with themin worlds of virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile devices or web applications.

Combining artificial intelligence, extended reality (XR) and blockchain technologies, the company is creating a two-way emotional relationship continues with a virtual being through virtual environments, applications and games. Each dog is unique in its appearance and personality. The proprietary PetOS technology of the startup will power each of them.

Digital Pets Company wants to create realistic interactions using voice, visual and tactile communication. Thus, it will be possible to interact with digital dogs in the same way as with physical pets.

The ethereum blockchain will secure digital dogs, their traits and personality, as NFTs. Each NFT will belong to a digital wallet assigned to a specific user.

The Digital Pets Company wants to meet social and emotional needs

As in real life, a digital dog can be a pet or an office dog. NFTs will be stored as ERC-721 tokens. The Interplanetary File System (IPFS) will host them. Each NFT is connected through the proprietary PetOS to a real Digital Dog.

Various metaverse virtual environments will use Digital Dogs through the company’s proprietary software development kit (SDK). The Digital Pets Company will sell NFTs. Thus, digital dog owners will get to know their dogs and train them through one-on-one digital interactions.

“Over the next decade, we will see more and more virtual spaces. People will hang out there and create new interactions,” Itay Hasid, CEO of The Digital Pets Company, said in a statement.

“These spaces will be empty and lonely without relevant content that connects people and builds relationships. substantial social relationships. And dogs are man’s best friend. Thus, they make us happier. They allow us to connect with new people. I believe that artificial intelligence, animation and multi-sensory communications that combine voice, sight and touch will create real relationshipsjust as in the physical world, and to meet social and emotional needs.

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The Digital Pets Company launches digital dogs for the metaverse

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