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Companies in their near unanimity today use digital tools to manage their operations, their sales, their human resources, their accounting. The hotel industry has been using these tools for several decades and, alongside its own operations, provides Internet access to its own customers who themselves sometimes connect to their business tools.

To operate in local and remote mode, it is more essential than ever to have a network infrastructure with optimal performance but above all in a secure manner.

Network security ?

In the hotel industry, the proximity of customer and administrative networks requires the implementation of high-performance and, above all, scalable strategies and tools.

Indeed, it is essential to give customers access to a quality network (bandwidth, ease of connection) which isolates each device in a very tight manner from all the other devices on the network, whether they are known (equipment of the hotel) or unknown (customer devices). It is important to remember that guests may need to connect to their own business or personal tools, which often have complex and sometimes incompatible security policies with non-scalable hotel wifi networks.

At the same time, it is essential that the hotel teams have real-time access to the company’s digital tools, whether they are physically on site, for example a printer, or in the cloud, without slowing down and in complete security. .

The Aruba ESP platform is natively designed to allow the customer to access their personal or professional tools easily and securely and to allow hotel teams to work calmly and quickly.

What is Aruba ESP ?

Aruba is a software publisher, leader in Wi-Fi 6, switching and SD-Branch, but also recognized as a visionary in data center networking.

Aruba ESP (Aruba Edge Services Platform) is an Edge Services Platform, a next-generation cloud-native architecture that can enable hotels to accelerate their digital transformation.

With its Edge architecture, Aruba ESP is natively designed for and on the cloud. The platform is designed for today’s needs and is ready for the ramp-up of IoT (connected objects) which are more and more numerous on a daily basis and whose security is essential.

Aruba ESP has machine learning capabilities based on artificial intelligence. AIOps tool, built into Aruba Central, eliminates manual troubleshooting tasks, reduces up to 90 % the average time to resolve common network issues and increases up to 25 % network capacity by monitoring hundreds of criteria for optimization using AI.

Aruba ESP offers comprehensive network security combining Zero Trust and SASE.

Know how to capture customer contact information

Many customers book through third-party platforms that do not provide customer contact information at all or partially.

When the customer connects to the establishment’s wifi, Aruba ESP offers a captive portal that allows the hotelier to collect the customer’s contact details to communicate with him within the framework of the current stay and to offer him at the same time to give their consent for future marketing communications.

The very recent condemnation of a group by the CNIL is a reminder of consumer informed consent.

Summary of Benefits

Network security being a subject in perpetual evolution, choosing a partner who has a natively scalable platform and integrating the latest security standards is a guarantee of peace of mind for the hotelier.

Adapting to the needs of customers and their businesses is an essential point that Aruba ESP also offers natively through its machine learning tools.

Aruba ESP’s architecture is state-of-the-art and keeps it that way with native scalability.

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The essential network and wifi security of your hotel – TendanceHotellerie

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