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The Business Journal organizes, in partnership with the Salon de l’Industrie Grand Ouest, the third edition of the Grand Ouest Industry Trophies. These trophies crown companies in Brittany, Normandy and Pays de la Loire, exemplary in terms of territorial anchoring, ecological transition, digital transition and CSR. The third edition, chaired by Anne-Charlotte Fredenucci, director of the Ametra group, a supplier to the aerospace, aeronautics and defense industry, awarded six prizes.

The 2022 Grand Prix was awarded to Posson Packaging (115 employees, 30 M€ turnover). The company from Sarthe, which celebrates its 80th anniversary this year, manufactures eco-designed cardboard packaging for the food industry. After filing for bankruptcy in 1995, the family SME was taken over in 2007 by Sylvie Casenave-Péré who committed it to a new model of virtuous growth which she summarizes as follows: “we are committed to delivering to our customers their just needs just in time in compliance with environmental and social rules.” A differentiating offer which today supports the development of the company.

Sylvie Casenave Péré director of Posson Packaging and Anne-Charlotte Fredenucci, president of Ametra. – Photo: Ben Lachenal

The territorial anchoring prize rewarded the electronic card manufacturer Eolane (2,400 employees, €287 million turnover). The Angevin company, present in China, Estonia, Germany and Morocco, operates four factories in the Great West sharing the particularity of being located in rural areas. “We employ two-thirds of our workforce in rural areas and are the leading local employer in the various territories where we are present. This gives us a social responsibility”, points out Henri Juin, chairman of the management board of Eolane.

The prize for the industry of tomorrow was awarded to the Norman company Cotral Lab (250 employees, 50 M€ turnover), world leader in custom-made hearing protection for professionals. Labeled “Showcase Industry of the Future” in 2019, Cotral Lab uses new technologies to produce and develop new products. “Most of our activities are handled with artificial intelligence,” says Ricardo Allamelou, international director of Cotral Lab, which is working to develop, in collaboration with the French Army, an intelligent audio earphone.

The solidarity industry prize was won by the Nantes cooperative company Delta Meca (45 employees, 5 M€ turnover), the first of its kind in France, specializing in the machining of tailor-made technical parts for industry. Created in 2008, the company was bought out in 2020 by the employees who hold the entire capital, thus responding to the wishes of the two founders.

The green industry trophy was awarded to STTM. The Mayenne specialist in precision mechanics (33 employees, €3 million turnover) invested three million euros in 2021 in the construction of a new site, the design and manufacturing processes of which aim not to emit greenhouse gas.

The jury’s favorite prize was awarded to the biotechnology company NG Biotech (80 employees), based in Ille-et-Vilaine. Specializing in rapid immunological and serological tests, it distinguished itself during the Covid crisis by developing in one month and then producing millions of Covid tests.

The Start-Up prize honored, after the public’s vote, the young Angevine shoot Néolithe. Created in 2019 and already employing 110 employees, this company designs and manufactures treatment units by fossilization of non-recyclable waste into aggregates for the construction industry. After having completed a first funding round of 20 million euros, Néolithe is preparing a new fundraiser of 100 million euros to finance a first factory in Beaulieu-sur-Layon (Maine-et-Loire) which should produce, by 2026, one fossilizer per day. The first machine will be delivered at the end of 2022. 25 will follow in 2023.

Baptiste Jean, Neolithe development and strategy manager
Baptiste Jean, Neolithe development and strategy manager – Photo: Ben Lachenal

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The Grand Ouest 2022 Industry Trophies awarded to seven winners – Le Journal des Entreprises – Loire-Atlantique – Vendée

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