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When visions come true

Industrial camera manufacturer IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH celebrates its 25th anniversary. The owner-managed family business from Obersulm in Baden-Württemberg continues to follow its own path. As a pioneer in the field of digital image processing, the company, around its founder and director Jürgen Hartmann, wishes to continue to facilitate the use of technologies of the future for its customers in the years to come, in accordance to the company motto ” It’s so easy “.

The Courage to Innovate in Challenging Times

For two years, the middle class has been under enormous pressure. The global shortage of semiconductors and strained supply chains for critical electronic components continue to affect industrial camera production. Faced with the current global economic situation, in this anniversary year, IDS is reacting with flexibility and creativity: the short-term development of new hardware platforms, prospective corrections in the direction of development and effective supplier management aim to secure the flow of goods and cushion the effects of the current situation. ” The ability to change is our strength says Jürgen Hartmann. He adds : ” A flexible reaction to market conditions has always been the guarantee of the company’s continued success “.

At the same time, the camera maker is pursuing its own visions. Forward-looking technologies from the consumer world, consistently developed for industry, make it one of the world leaders in the sector. What started in 1997 with frame grabbers resulted in 2004 in the first industrial camera with USB interface on the market. In the anniversary year 2022, the focus will be on app-based cameras with artificial intelligence, but also on opening up new fields of application for image processing. ” We always have many more ideas than we can implement », explains Jürgen Hartmann.

From Obersulm to the world

Over the past 25 years, the family business has grown into an independent, ISO-certified manufacturer of digital industrial cameras, employing around 350 people. The innovative image processing components are developed and produced by IDS at its headquarters in Obersulm. With subsidiaries in the United States, Japan, United Kingdom and South Korea, as well as other representations, IDS is present internationally.

An important part of the corporate identity has always been and remains the regional network in the form of cooperations with universities, start-ups and young technology pioneers. In 2020, the company also moved into the state-of-the-art b39 Technology Center. Despite its growth, the company does not lose sight of its responsibility towards people and the environment. This includes sustainability in production and shipping, fairness to business partners as well as a strong sense of family. In addition, since 2021, IDS has been working completely climate-neutral.

New products for the anniversary

For the company’s 25th anniversary, the focus is above all on the future. ” The idea of ​​innovation and the desire to create new things, which have always prevailed at IDS, are firmly rooted in each of us. explains Jan Hartmann, managing director of IDS and son of the company’s founder. Thus, in addition to the launch of some new products, such as models with particularly high transmission speed and resolution, the jubilee year will above all be an opportunity to continue the development of the IDS NXT intelligent industrial cameras equipped with artificial. ” AI is on everyone’s lips right now, but very few companies are already using this technology. Artificial intelligence solves tasks that usually resist conventional image processing and thus opens up entirely new fields of application, such as traffic and smart city or environment and smart agriculture explains Jan Hartmann. With visionpier, the online marketplace for image processing, IDS creates a virtual bridge between users, with or without experience in image processing, and providers of turnkey vision solutions.

Broadening our business focus means not only giving the company a broader footing for years to come, but also entering sectors where image processing can help solve growing socio-political challenges.
Today, to prevail in the market, you have to be creative and follow your own path. If everyone goes in one direction, on principle, I like to go in the other says founder and managing director Jürgen Hartmann. This is how visions become products.

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The industrial camera manufacturer IDS celebrates its 25th anniversary – Controls Tests Measures

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