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PATTYN FRANCE. The world champion of the robotic chain for industrial baking continues to grow, while preserving its family spirit. With the rise of artificial intelligence, the group intends to meet new challenges.

Pattyn, a very discreet giant

Effective despite the context

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“The most powerful in France”

The Mecanic Vallée attracts more and more young people, seduced by the idea of ​​training at the heart of a booming cluster and closer to recruiting companies. Schools and universities in the sector offer courses adapted to these needs.

In Figeac, the Lycée Champollion bears the label “Lycée des métiers de l’industrie.” Several courses from CAP to BTS are totally focused on different aspects of mechanics, sometimes with the possibility of being an apprentice. In Decazeville, the historic heart of the Mecanic Valley, the Lycée La Découverte is today a school town of 750 pupils and students, who flourish in different courses at several levels, such as the BTS design and production in industrial boilermaking The establishment also offers middle school students the possibility of joining a 3rd preparatory trades class.

Rodez, Insa Toulouse has opened an apprenticeship engineering course.

For the moment, there is no sector attached to the Mécanic Vallée entity in Villefranche-de-Rouergue. However, there is still the possibility of training by calling on the services of Greta Midi-Pyrénées-Nord.

Located for two years in the Glèbe business park, Pattyn France, a company specializing in automatic lines using artificial vision and robotics for the packaging of industrial bakery and viennoiserie products, does not live in the shadow of its immediate neighbour, local giant Lisi. The numbers speak for themselves. Pattyn France is 21.8 million in turnover in 2020, 27 million expected in 2022, 60 robots delivered this year, customers on almost all continents. Over the past twenty years, the company has grown steadily, growing from 35 employees in 2002 to 115 today. “This success is explained by our niche positioningrecognizes the director of the site, Bastien Marre. Our know-how allows us to understand all the needs of industrial bakery-pastries in terms of robotics. Today, almost 80% of our business is exported, even if France remains very important.

Leaving Maleville, the former company De La Ballina Industries has found the necessary space to assume its status as a world flagship, while remaining firmly rooted in its Aveyron territory. “We are localssays the director. Its very important. We also want our employees to feel good. Happy employees are more likely to satisfy customers.

This factor certainly weighs in the success of the group but that does not explain its planetary extent. “We reach all the countries that eat bread and pastriessimplifies Bastien Marre. We are constantly adapting. For example, we have developed a special chain for Asia, adapted to fatty substances. Or, we have been able to tune in to the resurgence of online donut manufacturing. While remaining in our core business, we find ways to diversify.“And the current industrial revolution, that of robotics and artificial intelligence, should open exciting new possibilities.

the DNA of innovation

In the design office, engineers and technicians design extraordinary machines. In the huge workshop, well lit and clean, expert hands build them. “We create machines that have to cope with hellish speedsspecifies Bastien Marre. Thus, a line, intended for an industrial bakery processing large volumes, has ten integrated robots, enabling it to ensure the production of 30,000 baguettes per hour. Everything is configured to the nearest millimeter and nanosecond. “Very high technology. The know-how impresses all the more as it is discreet.

This discretion is sometimes disabling. Despite her status, Pattyn France struggles to erase the false image of a heavy, noisy and painful industry. “Our activity is poorly knownregrets the director. But you have to know these professions to love them. When we host classes, we strive to highlight the fun aspect of this profession. It is a commitment for tomorrow.

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Training tailored to business needs

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