What does it mean to be a developer in 2023?

Far from the image of the geek locked in his office, the developer is now a central business for any company operating in the digital environment. New technologies bring new challenges and more and more companies surround themselves with the cream of developers to face these challenges. Training to become one has also multiplied, as has the number of people interested in the profession. Skills, issues, challenges, let’s decipher together the developer job in 2023 !

The developer, what does he do?

Often considered a profession “nerdy”the developer is a person responsible for design of a site, an application or even a video game. He will take care of development of a platform, but also of the maintenance or even updates to perform. The developer must master at least one language, if not more. Among the most popular are HTML, Python, JavaScript or PHP. In 2021, the profession of developer was also the most sought after according to the results of a study by theAPEC.

Web developers are also known as programmers or computer scientists. There are also several types of developers. We can notably distinguish: front-end developers, back-end developers or full stack developers. The former will manage the elements of the site that are displayed on the screen: design, fonts, menus… They thus master the concepts related touser experience (UX).
The back-end developer takes care of the hidden part of an interface, invisible to Internet users. He is in particular responsible for data base, servers, etc. Finally, the full-stack developer intervenes both on the missions of the back-end developer and the front-end. He therefore masters most technologies and programming languages.

How to become a developer?

The profession of web developer can be learned in several ways. Some are self-taught. They trained online in particular, using videos and various resources available on the internet. Others go through continuous or work-study training. In general, students enter specialized schools after the baccalaureate, or after a DUT or BTS.

For example, the Multimedia School offers a 12-month work-study program to become Multimedia developer. This one-year training mixes academic and technical learning thanks to the school/company mix. You learn to master programming languages ​​and methods, but also UX design or to develop your multimedia culture. This training is also accessible in post-baccalaureate or continuing education. Admissions in parallel in 2nd or 3rd year are also possible.
A person who wishes to become a developer can also train according to the sector in which he wishes to evolve. There are indeed specialized training courses in video games, others on websites or on applications.

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After training, the junior web developer can touch €30,000 per year. A senior web developer can see his salary reach 60,000 euros per year, and even more. As far as evolutions are concerned, a developer can, depending on the company where he evolves, become a technical project manager, and thus manage a team of developers. Finally, this profile can also practice their profession as a freelancer and thus work with more freedom and with the clients they want.

Who is behind the developer?

Being a developer requires patience and curiosity. On a daily basis, the web developer must master the different development languages ​​(Java, PHP, SQL, etc.), the tools used such as CMS, as well as the techniques for designing and modeling websites.

It must also have project management knowledge, in order to respect deadlines, manage the relationship with the other interlocutors and understand the constraints of the projects. At the level of coding languages, a minimum proficiency in English is also expected. Indeed, in addition to being the universal language, most programming languages ​​are in English, as are dedicated forums or tutorials. Fluency in English is not compulsory and is learned over the years, but without it, you can quickly be limited in your learning.

A curious and creative developer has assets, because he can innovate in projects and bring a fresh look! A regular watch is also appreciated, in order to be informed of novelties and current events.

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Developer means constant evolution

The profession of developer is nowadays essential for almost any company present on the Internet. Beyond the technical role, he now plays a key role in business. The slightest technical question is addressed to him and in the event of a problem, he must be able to find a solution quickly.

Today’s developer is no longer the isolated geek alone in his corner. He develops relationships with marketing and/or product departments. Indeed, the developer conceives thanks to the code the ideas of these services. It is he who underlines the constraints of a project. In the case of a video game company, the developer is responsible for analyzing the needs and making them concrete. He may also be asked to give his opinion on the video game engine and various elements present within the game.

One of the key issues in the business today is the security of both the company and the users of the website. To do this, the developer can use a black box, namely a testing technique to verify that software works correctly, without the need for code knowledge and thus determine any problems. This technique is particularly useful for checking the product-customer relationship and making sure that once online, the user can use your solution in the best way.

Finally, the development of no-code or low-code platforms, allows everyone, especially novices, to create a site or an application without calling on a developer. These platforms offer easy-to-use tools with various customization options, going beyond margin customization. However, if you have specific needs and want to get a custom site, no-code/low-code services will not be enough! In this case, you will have to hire a developer to build your site from A to Z, as you imagine it. Thus, the profession is only partially threatened. Moreover, these are developers who are behind these no-code/low-code platforms. They will therefore be, regardless of the evolution of uses, always essential to the creation of a product.

To be a developer tomorrow?

The blockchainthem NFT or even the metaverse are all technologies for which developers must train to access new professions, such as an XR developer, that is to say a person who masters technologies such as augmented reality and the virtual reality, to offer unique and much more immersive video games. They may also specialize in Web3 and thus position themselves as blockchain experts or take an interest in different environments to become experts in cybersecurity.

The growing presence ofartificial intelligence (IA), allows developers to take advantage of additional support. The AI ​​can suggest pieces of code, or even help them automate certain processes. As a kind of assistant, it comes in handy for both testing and automation! Developers must be able to integrate this new technology into their daily lives.

Finally, since the international COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has taken hold in many companies. This mode of work offers developers a certain flexibility and freedom in their missions. One can imagine that in the long term, the remote will be even more important and that they thus work remotely, while managing the work of their teams.

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What does it mean to be a developer in 2023?

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