Who is the new automaker Tesla plans to work with?

News hardware Who is the new automaker Tesla plans to work with?

The self-driving service of Tesla vehicles is increasingly a dream of car enthusiasts. For once, Elon Musk’s company has surrounded itself with the greatest in the electronics industry to design its chips, namely: Samsung and TSMC. But for once, the deal could change…

Tesla says goodbye to Samsung in favor of TSMC

We know Samsung above all for its positioning at the top of the market for smartphones and even televisions, but you should know that the South Korean company is one of the most productive electronic chip companies.

Tesla wants to improve the capabilities of its vehicles, particularly in terms of autonomous driving (sensors, software, etc.), thanks to their FSD (Full Self Driving) chip. Teslas were previously equipped with TSMC chips only for sub-7nm architectures of fineness of engraving, all the other chips were supplied by Samsung, which is already working on products engraved in 7 nm for FSD 4.0 chips.

The architecture of an electronic chip is manufactured with a certain fineness of engravingwhich will allow the transistors to communicate information directly between the latter and the rest of the machine (motherboard). In general, the more a chip has a fineness of engraving, the more the machine can take advantage of the power of the chip.

But obviously, Tesla is moving too fast for Samsung, which may no longer be able to produce chips engraved at less than 7 nm. According to a DigiTimes report, Tesla plans to source microchips only from TSMC for future generations of Teslas, which will be equipped with more advanced self-driving features than today.

TSMC Manufacturing Building, Taiwan

For the moment, we do not yet know the architecture of the FSD chips that TSMC is offering to Tesla for the next vehicle models., but we already know that the Taiwanese firm already offers chips engraved in 4 nm for other areas (smartphones, graphics cards, processors), so it is not difficult to understand Tesla’s choice vis-à-vis the more advanced work by the TSMC founder. Also at TSMC, the company already wants to offer 3nm engraved chips for the general public by next year and is already developing research on 2 nm internally.

TSMC: the future of automotive electronics?

Still according to DigiTimes, TSMC will not stop there since after the mass production of processors for Tesla, the Taiwanese company will also produce electronic chips for Volkswagen.

The founder is currently in discussion with several customers in the automotive industry, an industry that only represents 10% of TSMC chip production. We therefore imagine that TSMC wants to position itself as the world leader in vehicle chips, while it already occupies this position in the production of electronic chips for smartphones, consoles and PCs.

Recently, TSMC organized an event called Technology Symposium where the company unveiled all its future innovations. In the audience, we could find Peter Bannon, who is none other than Tesla’s FSD chip development manager.

TSMC now cooperates with several major automotive brands, and it is easy to imagine that other companies will call on TSMC’s expertise to design their future technologies.especially in a world where artificial intelligence is taking up more and more space.

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Who is the new automaker Tesla plans to work with?

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