With AWS for Games, Amazon flexes its muscles in the cloud gaming market

Fruit of its efforts to attract an increasingly strategic video game sector for cloud players, Amazon launched AWS for Games this Wednesday.

It is a collection of products and services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its partners, aimed at professionals in the video game industry.

The launch of this new offer is the latest initiative from AWS to make a name for itself in this market full of opportunities, which all cloud service providers seek to seduce.

A booming market

Video games are already an important market for Amazon. AWS has been offering services dedicated to games for several years with Amazon GameLiftlaunched in 2016. Beyond the cloud, the company hasAmazon Game Studios and game-streaming service Twitch, which Amazon acquired in 2014. Still, given market trends and forecasts, it’s no surprise that the cloud industry is stepping up its offerings to a growing video game market. The analysis company Newzoo indeed provides that the global cloud gaming market cap will exceed $6.5 billion by 2024, up from $1.57 billion last year.

“The adoption of the cloud has transformed the way games are built, distributed and played,” said Bill Vass, vice president of AWS Engineering, in a statement. “Game developers continue to accelerate their journey to the cloud, build games faster, and run them with continuous updates, while growing their player base and gaming engagement. »

The launch of AWS for Games and other new services and solutions should help customers address high-priority workloads, while increasing their use of game analytics, live operations and artificial intelligence , continues the leader.

Seducing video game developers

In detail, AWS for Games will offer game-specific services and products, as well as partner support in six areas: Cloud Game Development, Game Servers, Game Security, Live Operations, Game Analytics, and Game AI & ML. Partners in this initiative include AMD, AppsFlyer, Beamable, Databricks, Epic Games, Incredibuild, NVIDIA, Parsec, Perforce, Slalom, Snowflake, and Teradici.

In addition to this new initiative, AWS on Wednesday announced a preview ofAmazon GameSparks, a fully managed service built on AWS that makes it easy to build, optimize, and scale back-end game functionality. The company also announced the general availability ofAWS GameKitan open-source solution allowing game developers to deploy and customize back-end game features directly from a game engine with just a few clicks, reducing cloud-based service integration from weeks to days .

In addition, game developers benefit from new directions for Amazon Nimble Studiowhich allow them to set up a virtual game studio in hours, scale capacity on demand, and create content faster and more cost-effectively.

Coincidence or not, Microsoft also announced on Wednesday the launch of new programs and cloud services specially designed for independent game developers. These include in particularAzure Game Development Virtual Machineaimed at developers who want to test and build games in a production-ready cloud environment.

Source: ZDNet.com

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With AWS for Games, Amazon flexes its muscles in the cloud gaming market

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