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Verisure launches its new generation of alarms.

To respond to a booming remote surveillance market, Verisure is launching its new generation of alarms

European leader in alarms connected to a remote surveillance system, Verisure has been growing and innovating for more than 30 years to protect French people and their property. Anxious to democratize security solutions everywhere and for everyone, the player that is boosting the sector in France is once again revolutionizing its service with its new generation of alarms based on anticipation with VERISURETM Smart Protection technology.

Verisure, a driving force behind the growth of the remote surveillance sector

In 2021, the remote surveillance sector represented nearly €1 billion in revenue¹ (+10% vs 2020). In total, 8% of households and businesses are equipped with an alarm connected to a remote monitoring system. Verisure is positioned as the driving force behind market growth since the company is growing twice as fast as the market (+21% in turnover compared to 10% for the remote surveillance sector). This represents for the year 2021, 404 million € of turnover. Verisure has become No. 1 in remote monitoring with a 28.5%² segment share.

To always better protect and increase responsiveness, Verisure is renewing its range

With its new ecosystem equipped with VERISURETM Smart Protection technology, the remote monitoring expert offers a unique solution on the market, more complete, faster and more secure. With an added level of protection, Verisure combines artificial intelligence and anticipation to improve the verification and detection process to act more effectively. Limiting thefts once the individual has entered the house is good, thwarting their intrusion is better!

At the forefront of technology, the new range of devices integrates 3 levels of early detection:

· Cameras and exterior movement detectors with images, allowing a better understanding of the situation by remote monitoring experts and thus faster intervention. Endowed with an artificial intelligence, they distinguish individuals, animals and objects.

· More sensitive shock and opening detectors for even more anticipation and speed.

· Sigfox Antijamming technology to prevent any attempt at sabotage and immediately send an alert to remote monitoring centres³.

This 360° protection is the result of a project to which the company devoted several years of Research and Development and which was developed 100% internally, by a team of more than 550 multidisciplinary experts.

“For more than 30 years, Verisure has been innovating to make security accessible to everyone, everywhere in France. The launch of the new generation of VERISURETM Smart Protection alarms is a technological leap that brings our protected more efficiency, more simplicity and therefore more peace of mind. » explains Jérôme Gorges, Marketing Director at Verisure

What is remote monitoring?

Remote monitoring is a continuous operational service thanks to which Verisure ensures the protection of families and property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The alarm system installed in private or professional homes is permanently and securely connected to one of the three remote monitoring centers based in France: Antony (Ile-de-France), Angers (Pays-de-la- Loire) and Villeneuve d’Ascq (North). In less than 60 seconds?, the alert is handled by remote monitoring experts. They analyze the situation and directly notify the police? or emergency services depending on the situation.


Valuables are not necessarily the most expensive, but are the most dear to us! The Anti-Burglary Fog puts the criminal to flight at the right time, in the right place! In the event of proven intrusion, after verification by remote surveillance experts, the Anti-Burglary Fog is triggered in order to scare the individual away. In less than 60 seconds, visibility is altered15. Faced with this opacity, he has no choice but to leave the room quickly. At the same time, the remote surveillance experts warn the police.

2 out of 3 French people leave their valuables at home during a long absence.

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With Verisure, an effective anti-burglary fog » PACA’s economic and political letter

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