Women in Business | Tastet wants to put his card… on the map

At the end of October, the gourmet address guide Tastet launched an interactive map. Over the next few months, the company headed by Élise Tastet wants to create a mobile application in Montreal, before tackling the rest of the world.

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Samuel Larochelle

Samuel Larochelle
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The idea of ​​this technological shift began to germinate in the mind of the entrepreneur in September 2019, when the growth of her business was stagnating. “We had reached 2.5 million unique visitors and 35 million social interactions, with only four people on the team,” she recalls.

At the time, she decided to train in big data and artificial intelligence. Then, his team polled readers to find out how to help them further. “All the people told us that they wanted a tool to find where to eat according to their needs: if the restaurant, bar or café is open, if it offers a catering service, if it accepts groups or children , if it allows the rooms to be privatized for parties, if it is recommended for a lunch with clients or a romantic date. »

This is how the company created its first product: an interactive map accessible at a cost of $10 per year. In the short term, the tool will also make it possible to access menus, make reservations and place orders. “Everything that has been created so far has been done with the sweat of our brow. »

Indeed, Tastet has created a minimally viable version of the product to start making money. The objective is however to integrate artificial intelligence, to offer a personalization of the profile according to the preferred addresses or that one wishes to visit. And above all, to transform everything into a mobile application. A process that requires a lot of money. About 2 million, according to the businesswoman.

Even though Tastet has an eight-year history, even though the company has gone through the pandemic, with dramatic consequences for the restaurant business, with rising revenues, even though the card works and the public has shown interest, investors are delaying to manifest.

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Élise Tastet, founder of Tastet

How far do I have to go for someone to tell me they believe in me and want to help me?

Élise Tastet, founder of Tastet

“I’m constantly asked to show that I’m making money, but I need money to make money. »

One of his mentors told him that tech business leaders should ask themselves what their ability to handle rejection is on a daily basis. “It’s like a very unpleasant speed dating. »

She does not hesitate to say that the past year has been the most emotionally difficult for her company. “In the last nine months, in addition to having my baby and coping with the pandemic, my husband who works in the restaurant industry has lost his job four times. It doesn’t matter, I get up in the morning and I make the impossible happen. »

His resilience will certainly be useful to him to realize his ambitions, without losing sight of his vision. “Growing a medium internationally without doing clickbait is difficult. My goal is to keep the quality of our content and to say the most truthful things possible to represent the restaurants well without them paying us. It’s a big challenge to bring this on a global scale. »

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Women in Business | Tastet wants to put his card… on the map

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