World Congress on Artificial Intelligence in Montreal

Will you be part of the next event on Artificial Intelligence in Quebec? The TimeWorld Event is a world scientific congress presented in Montreal on May 5, 6 and 7. More than 100 conferences, 8 round tables and several dedications await visitors from all walks of life.

TimeWorld is a worldwide scientific congress. In November 2019, he questioned the disciplines and professions for which time is a determining component. In July 2021, TimeWorld focused on chance and deciphered it in all its forms, theoretical, applied and prospective. For its third edition, TimeWorld places Artificial Intelligence at the center of the stage.

During the event, the expert speakers will try to solve a problem related to their specialty. Artificial intelligence will be explored in all its facets, whether from a medical, artistic, financial, legal, agricultural point of view… Even the world of video games will be discussed. All areas around AI are therefore on the menu. A student round table will also seek to identify whether AI will invent the professions of tomorrow.

Among the speakers, you will be able to find among others Yoshua Bengio, recognized as one of the world leaders in artificial intelligence and full professor at the University of Montreal. To discover the complete program and get your tickets, visit:


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  • World Congress on Artificial Intelligence in Montreal

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World Congress on Artificial Intelligence in Montreal

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