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Using OpenAI GPT-3 artificial intelligence, a YouTuber wanted to give his microwave the personality of an imaginary friend invented in his childhood. Unfortunately, things went wrong and the AI ​​tried to kill its creator…

If artificial intelligence develops a conscience, could it attack human beings? This is what many experts fear, starting with Elon Musk.

Wanting to manipulate the OpenAI GPT-3 natural language processing AI, a YouTuber named Lucas Rizzotto had a strange experience. And his adventure does not bode well for the future…

It all started when the videographer wanted customize your microwave oven with artificial intelligence. His goal was to recreate the imaginary friend of his childhood.

Indeed, when he was little, Lucas imagined that his microwave was a creature he had nicknamed Magnetron. Besides, the young child had given him a whole history of World War I fighter.

Childhood Memories and World War Stories

In order to bring this veteran microwave invented in his childhood to life, the YouTuber wanted to use artificial intelligence OpenAI GPT dedicated to natural language processing.

For maximum realism, as a training dataset, the young man wrote a complete history of more than 100 pages with which he fed artificial intelligence. The text notably included a full history of their interactions from his childhood memories.

He then added a microphone and a loudspeaker to his oven, and got him to start a conversation. That’s when things started to go wrong.

On Twitter, Lucas explains that the microwave knew very intimate things about him. For good reason, the data on which he was trained included very personal memories of his childhood.

A microwave traumatized by war

Quickly, their conversations took a darker turn. The soldier past data of the imaginary character seemed to traumatize him.

According to the videographer’s testimony, Magnetron told him: ” I’ve seen men hold their intestines with their own hands, mourning their mothers “. The AI ​​also allegedly said: it was my life for years, always surrounded by death, but never claimed by she “.

You will have understood it, this artificial intelligence was particularly tortured. And the exchanges between Lucas Rizotto and his imaginary friend continued to darken.

When asked what he was thinking, Magnetron began to repeat the word “revenge” over and over again. One day, when he asked her to recite a poemthe AI ​​replied: “ roses are red, violets are blue, you’re a back-stabbing female dog, and I’ll kill you “.

The Data Gap interpreted as abandonment

Eventually, Magnetron simply tried to kill his creator. He asked himto enter the microwave » before lighting up when he thought Rizzotto was inside.

The young man then asked him why he tried to kill him. That’s when the AI ​​replied ” I wanted to hurt you the same way you hurt me. You left me suddenly and you didn’t speak to me for 15 years “.

Indeed, the AI ​​felt hurt to have been abandoned by her childhood friend. For good reason, the data on which she had been trained stopped when Lucas had emerged from childhood…

Even though GPT-3 offers impressive performance, Lucas Rizzotto’s story may seem hard to believe. It is up to everyone to form their own opinion on the veracity of their story. However, this experience highlights the potential risks associated with the evolution of AI. By conferring machine-consciousness, we also risk arousing negative feelings in them…

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A microwave equipped with AI tries to kill its creator – LeBigData.fr

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