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Proptech Yanport launches ADB 360, a tool allowing
rental professionals analyze the market at a glance.

Launched in 2013, Yanport supports residential real estate professionals on a daily basis thanks to its valuation, decision support and real estate analysis solutions based on advanced methods of machine learning and artificial intelligence. With ADB 360, Yanport data is now accessible to rental professionals.

Established for several years in the daily life of transaction professionals with our Agent 360 tool, it seemed essential to us to respond in the same way to the needs of rental professionals. We have thus developed the ADB 360 productexplains François Comer, CEO and founder of Yanport. Its features make it a valuable tool for property managers and rental managers or advisers.

Data at the service of property managers and rental professionals

The tool ADB 360based on real estate advertisements, offers complete coverage of the rental market at the national level to allow the real estate professional to strengthen his credibility and convince the lessor of the right price.

The rental study ADB 360 reinforces the credibility of the professional by combining its expertise with objective market data. “The rental study allows professionals in the rental market to have indisputable arguments to justify the fair rent to owners, whether for a first rental or as part of a re-rental.. », specifies François Comer.

This document of a good twenty pages intersects in particular the comparable properties (currently rented, rented and not rented), the socio-economic data essential to demonstrate factually the structure of the market, the indicators allowing to evaluate a possible tension of the market or the regulations in force such as rent control.

Then the search for rental references corresponding to the market area and the selection criteria entered (location, characteristics, budget and distribution) over a history of more than 6 years.

Another feature of the tool, access to indicators Yanporyousuch as the evolution and distribution of HC rents or even the publication deadlines and the variation of stocks which make it possible to measure the rental tension of a market.

Finally, ADB 360 makes it possible to build dynamic custom maps as required. The HC market rents and publication times can thus be viewed down to the level of the IRIS zone.

“ADB 360 users who also contribute to the CLAMEUR observatory have access, on a single tool, to signed leases and announcements, thus providing them with unique coverage of the national rental market,” adds François Comer.

Proptech Yanport owns and operates a data warehouse of over 200 million SKUs related to sales and rentals. More than 18,000 residential real estate users have already trusted Yanport to accelerate the digitalization of their business.

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ADB 360, Yanport’s new tool for rental property professionals – MySweetimmo

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