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What if you had the possibility of keeping your horse with you, everywhere? Danticipate their health problems? To ensure his safety even in competition?

VSis what the Coho smart camera offers, created in 2018 by its founder, Sébastien Dubois. Trained electronics engineer, but also rider, cnaturally came to himidea of ​​putting his skills at the service of equine well-being, but also of the health and safety of horses.

Coho, it is above all a camera designed to accompany your horse everywhere: connected to the current in the stable, it can also be taken to competitions thanks to its portable support and its battery operation (both in transport and in removable boxes), or even be used in the meadow. But Coho is also an artificial intelligence: the camera constantly analyzes the behavior of your companion and its environment, and can thus alert you instantly in the event of a problem via the dedicated application. Coho works with a subscription, which notably covers the cost of the 4G SIM card included in the camera; no hassle, the solution is turnkey and works throughout Europe, without wifi!

Anticipate health problems

Does your horse have health problems? Is he recovering? Coho is the solution to watch over him and anticipate problems. Indeed, among the abnormal behaviors analyzed by the camera, find a horse lying down too long, or a horse alternating the position of getting up and lying down too frequently in a short period of time, which are potentially symptoms of colic or ulcers ( even foaling!).

Most ? All of these alerts are customizable to suit each horse, with default values ​​based on data established in partnership with the IFCE.

The camera alerts you to “abnormal” behavior, but you have trouble judging the situation? A simple button allows you to share all the data that the camera has of your horse in the last three days (photos, videos, behavioral analyses, temperature) directly to your veterinarian via a secure link. The opportunity for him to receive objective data on which he can make an initial diagnosis, and thus react as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency.

Ensure the safety of your companion

In addition to analyzing your horse’s behavior, Coho will analyze its environment. You can then be warned in the event of human presence in the horse box, or on the contrary of absence of the horse. With the door sensor, you also receive alerts when the box door is opened and closed. With these customizable alerts (according to time slots), no more intrusions and runaways detected only the next morning, be notified in real time!

Technology accessible to all

Because the health and safety of your horse is priceless, Coho favors 100% Grenoble manufacturing (thanks to 3D printing) to offer the most accessible smart camera offer on the market: get your camera from from €149.90 including tax, with a subscription starting at €24.90/month including tax!

Are you intrigued? Try Coho for free !

Michel Robert, Kevin Staut, Morgan Barbançon-Mestre, the IFCE, but also several hundred riders… All have been seduced by the Coho technology, why not you?

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Artificial intelligence at the service of horse health and safety – Cheval Magazine

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